Tips to Get a Perfect Wedding Band

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the atlantic soul orchestraAlong with the food and decoration, the most remembered component of your wedding will be perhaps wedding music. However, this very component is often thought about after everything else and is booked on the last minute without much of consideration. Actually if you are getting married in London, you should start finding top London wedding bands as soon as you get engaged. Here are a few things you should consider.

Can You Choose Songs from the Playlist of the Band?

Most bands don’t give this option to their clients and in spite of having a playlist, they will adhere to the material of their own choice and dictate the playlist. Therefore, make sure how much participation you will get in the playlist selection before hiring a band. The best band will consider songs of your choice and tally them with their playlist and try to present a bespoke playlist.

Will the Band Offer Music Between Sets?

If a band offers incidental music free, it’s very good because it keeps the cost down and eliminates the need for paying a DJ. A DJ sometimes can cost as much as a band. You should be very careful while choosing a DJ as quality can be varying and cheap means often low quality.

Some bands may need you to pay extra for iPod/CD music in between; so, you should ask whether it is included in overall charges or separate. Even you can provide your own iPod with a special list of your choice which is becoming popular because of being more personal.

Can You Get a Special First Dance Song?

If you want to kick start your evening with the traditional first dance, think upon what you want – slow or fast. Many couples suggest the band to choose one for them. And some couples also ask to learn a special song for their first dance. Bands provide this service often for free.

Instead of practicing the dance clumsily stepping on each other’s toes and giving each other wrong instructions, it’s advisable to perform the dance easily wherein you can kiss, hug and laugh, and invite other guests halfway to have fun. It also helps to start the first live band as the dance floor becomes full instead of people slowly vanishing towards the bar.

Will the Band Suit the Venue?

This is very important and should be ensured at the time of booking the venue. You should check whether they have a sound limiter and if they have, how it is set. Sound limiter is set generally in towns where sound can be a problem for the neighborhood. In country houses, sound may not be a problem. Be careful as some venues may be less than honest about the restrictions imposed on them with regard to sound limitations. is Amy’s wedding blog where you can find useful information for weddings. Here you will get the list of top wedding bands in London and many other details you will need for your big day. Don’t forget to go through this blog to get the latest updates.