Top 4 Tips for Brides to Choose Stunning Locations for Their Wedding Photography

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Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Photographs are an important part of any wedding. Besides the fact that your photographer should be a truly professional and highly skilled, and you should look stunning in the photos, it’s also necessary that your photographs are captured on the backgrounds of stunning locations. So, how will you choose the locations? Here are a few tips.

1. Choose a Location that is Close to Your Ceremony or Reception

If you choose a location that is close to your wedding venue, the travel time will be cut down which further means that you and your bridal party will get more time to relax and also to enjoy a few more glasses of drinks. It will also make everyone look fresh and energetic in the photos like the newlyweds are looking in the photos by a leading Brisbane wedding photographer, Tom Hall, in this article.

Brisbane Wedding Photographer

2. Look for a Rich Texture

Look for the background of sandstone, brick wall or anything that has a rich, beautiful texture. It may be rocks, or cobblestone footpaths, hidden alleyways or sandstone buildings. Discuss with your photographer because s/he will usually know such amazing spots that you perhaps never know nor even noticed. Even architectural elements such as antique wooden doorways, stone archways, fountains or figurines will add rich backgrounds to your wedding photos. Even an overhanding tree can form a great natural element for your photo.

3. Trust Your Photographer

You’ve hired a great wedding photographer; so, trust him. Follow his suggestions and you’ll get some exceptional photos, whether it’s a shot while you’re wading knee deep into a lake or a shot taken from a bridge that overhangs across the road or simply with an off camera lighting held by the photographer’s assistant. Also be prepared to be flexible. Climatic conditions may influence what will seem the best part of the day. Don’t avoid the beach only because it’s over cast. Even big dramatic skies offer great backgrounds when they are full of clouds that add depth and texture to the sky, with the soft light making your skin glow.

Brisbane Wedding Photographer

4. Be Relaxed and Enjoy

Don’t be impatient with a thought that time is escaping. E.g. when you’ll walk out of the church, around 100-200 guests will come forward to congratulate you and it’s a great part of your big day that you should enjoy. It even makes some great candid shots. So, be relaxed. Not feeling rushed will make you look your best in your wedding photos. It will also allow you to go to multiple locations and even change the location at the 11th hour if the weather is not so friendly.

So, have you started thinking of amazing locations near your wedding venue?