Top 4 Wedding Photography Tips for Brides to Make Their Photos Look Exceptionally Beautiful

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lucas kraus photography 3If you are worried about whether your wedding photos will look good or not and are wondering about what you can do about it, don’t worry! There are many things you can practice and apply at the time of your big day which will make your wedding photos look exceptionally beautiful. A leading Sydney wedding photoragpher Lucas Kraus shares here some of them.

1. Don’t Look Straight into the Camera (Except when Your Photographer Wants You to)

Looking straight into the camera shows that you are posing for the photo. It may give you a good photograph, but it doesn’t look natural. If you want your wedding photos as if you didn’t know that your wedding was being shot (& this is the best approach), don’t look straight towards the camera. Brides often become conscious about whether they are looking good or not and look at the camera as if to ensure something. Avoid that stressed up, insecure and unnatural face by doing so.

2. Shower Smiles

Actually your wedding is the biggest day of your life and you are very happy deep within your heart. Still, you may be a bit anxious regarding whether everything will be alright. If that is the case, sit alone for a while, take a deep breath and calm down. Assure yourself that everything is going to be alright and if at all something is going to be spoiled, it won’t be your fault, as you have done all the preparations perfectly. Relax in this way and head towards the camera with a pleasant expression and a radiant smile on your face. If you want great wedding photos, what is more important than your gorgeous wedding dress, elegant accessories and efficiently done makeup is your smile. Keep showering smiles in all your photos.

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3. Interact Well with Your Hubby

Don’t aim at good photos only of yourself. Don’t project yourself individually. Remember wedding is of you two. So, it should look in all photos, except your wedding prep photos and your individual portraits. Let it be seen in your photos how well you are in tune with your sweetheart. Trust me, those photos are going to enthrall you for years to come.

4. Refurbish the Boring Formals

Formal wedding photos are, anyway, boring. But you can add creativity to them to make them exciting. Pose before the camera but don’t look like posed. Let bridesmaids, groomsmen and other people look more natural. Use different angles to look at each other, stand arm-crossed, crack up or do anything that will make the photo unique and full of life, instead of the usual bland poses.

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