Top 5 Tips to Choose Perfect Wedding Invitations

Posted by on Mar 6, 2017 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

stylish and affordable wedding invitation polka dot designWondering where to start for your wedding invitations? You know that your wedding invitations are the representative of your big day and so, should give a perfect idea of your wedding to your guests. Here are some tips that may help you in selecting just the right invitation card.

1. Let the Invitation Reflect Your Wedding Style

The style of your invitation card should reflect the style of your wedding. For this, first you should be aware of your wedding style or theme, whether it is glam and modern, vintage and elegant or casual and relaxed. Then you can choose an invitation style that reflects your wedding style. Next, browse stationers’ websites and invitations of other couples to get ideas and inspirations, so that you can give your stationer an exact idea of what you want.

2. Play with Colors, Shapes and Sizes

Your wedding will have its own colors too which should reflect in your wedding invitations. Traditional invitations are cream, ivory or white card paired with gold or black font. However, you can make it colorful with metallic fonts.

Similarly, you can play with size. Traditionally 6.25 x 4.5 inch rectangular card is a traditional choice. But today’s couples choose to have more modern or playful shapes like square, scalloped or circular. Keep in mind that such offbeat shapes and sizes can increase the postage.

3. Keep Legibility on Priority

While choosing unique colors and fonts, you should give priority to legibility because more than style and looks, it’s important that your guests should be able to read the matter in your invitation. Some colors don’t go with each other and if you choose them for background and font, it may become difficult to read. Therefore choose the colors wisely.

4. Don’t Add Too Much Information

This is because too much information can make the card crowded and eventually illegible. Add only important points like yours and your fiancé’s names, wedding venue, date and time. Other information like directions, dress code, RSVP etc can be given on separate cards. Nowadays couples prefer to create a wedding website where all the important information and sudden changes can be posted to keep your guests updated.

5. Think about Costs

Invitation costs can vary widely from $1 to more than $100. The cost depends on the ink, design, printing process, paper, typeface and quantity. Topnotch paper, ink, custom design and formal printing methods (such as engraving and letterpress) add to costs. Not to mention, decorative extras like multiple enclosures and envelope liners. Hence it is imperative that you plan what you want and do a thorough research about the costs well ahead of time.

This doesn’t mean that for getting affordable wedding invitations, you have to sacrifice all the style. For example, at Polka Dot Design, you can get a wonderfully curated collection of wedding invitations for affordable prices. Take a look at their beautiful invitations and choose one for your big day.