Top 5 Wedding Photography Tips for Brides for Exceptional Photos

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wedding photograph tips for bridesIf you want your wedding photos the best, you on your part and not just your photographer, should do some preparations. It depends largely upon you too whether the photos will be exceptional or not. Discussing with your photographer is the best way to let her/him understand what exactly you want. Here are tips with which you can ensure that your wedding photos will be the best.

1. Book an Engagement Session

If you are going to skip engagement photography, don’t! Instead book a session essentially. This is because both you and your photographer can know each other well on this occasion. Moreover, you get habituated more to get photographed and easy before the camera. Unless you are a professional model, you are not used to getting photographed for such long periods. It’s essential to develop chemistry with your photographer because s/he is the only vendor who will be with you for the whole day (unless you have hired a cinematographer).

2. Involve Your Photographer in Creating a Timeline

While creating a timeline, involve your wedding photographer too in the process. Some bumps may occur in your wedding day schedule but your photographer should know these well in advance. Most weddings take 8 to 10 hours to cover the full story of the day.

3. Getting Ready Photos

Keep a timeframe of 45 minutes to an hour for getting ready in your timeline particularly if yours is a big bridal party. Only a few weddings can stick to the schedule. Otherwise, they go over at least of 30 minutes. The added stress because of this is never fun. Further you need time to drive towards the venue. If you are to go to the other end of the city, add the time taken by traffic to the timeframe. You should also be prepared for unpredictable changes to the schedule due to factors like weather or transportation. And then if you can get everything as per the schedule, you can get a lot of extra time for portraits and your photographer will praise you. More the extra time, more will be creative opportunities for your photographer. Also, before the photographer arrives keep all your wedding ensemble ready for photographing, like dress, shoes, ring, jewelry, flowers etc, so that the photographer will start her/his work right away and not even a moment will be wasted.

4. Pre-wedding Portraits

Pre-wedding portraits of bride and groom together are very essential. These are the moments when you two see each other before the ceremony and spend a few moments alone in each other’s company and get portraits done. The duration of this can be just 5 to 10 minutes. It frees you to enjoy cocktail hour and meet your guests. It also gives you a chance to connect with your partner before you stand together at the altar before your guests. Traditionally it’s right for the wedding couple to see each other before the ceremony. But the greater benefit of this tradition is that some of the best photos can be captured during this time.

5. Family Photos

Family photos can best be done before the ceremony. Otherwise you have to inform all the family members not to leave the room because if they leave for cocktail hour, it’s quite impossible to bring them back for the photos. Better to set aside 30 to 45 minutes for family photos with 4 to 5 minutes for each group. Additional family photos can also be done as and when time permits, e.g. during the reception at the time of the emcee’s or DJ’s announcement or on the dance floor.

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