Top Ball Gown Bridal Dress Tips

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ball gown bridal dress illustration by Connie TaoWhen it’s about bridal dress, you can choose from various fashions and styles, like mermaid, A-line, column and many more. But if you are a bit dreamy and romantic, you are highly likely to choose a ball gown – the one Cinderella wore, when you were a little girl! And really, a ball gown is such a fairytale princess dress!

Suits Most Body Types

Ball gown has a timeless shape that suits most body types and offers a royal appearance to the bride. Plus, your creativity has a lot of scope to embellish its skirt and add to the charm of the dress. Ball gown is perfect for an hourglass figure, but even if you don’t have that figure, the dress can give an illusion of curves, especially if it has a sweetheart or v-shaped neckline. This is also a shape useful for those brides who are conscious about their plus-sized hips and legs as they can hide them with the striking full skirt. However if you have a petite body, you better avoid a ball gown because you might be snowed under the large dress.

ball gown bridal dress by Connie Tao

Consider Your Ceremony Venue

While thinking of choosing a ball gown wedding dress, you should also consider your wedding ceremony venue a bit because a show-stopping gown like this is suitable more to traditional large venues, while in a small chapel, you may have to struggle to manage your large skirt while walking down the aisle. Also if you will have a beach wedding, a ball gown won’t be recommendable, for obvious reasons.

ball gown bridal dress by Connie Tao suitable to large venue

Don’t Skimp on Accessorizing

Remember that a ball gown is the most formal of all the bridal dress types and if you accessorize it lavishly, like with a big up-do, a gorgeous tiara and long stunning train, it adds to the charm of the dress.

ball gown bridal dress by Connie Tao

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