Top Tips to Choose a Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

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wedding hairstylesHair has a major role to play in everyone’s personality. Obviously a bride’s hairstyle is a main attraction in her looks and she has to plan it carefully. Is your big day around the corner? Have you decided anything about your hairstyle? If you are daunted about what to do about your hair on your big day, here are a few useful tips for you which will reduce your confusion and make you stress-free.

What to Consider while Choosing a Hairstyle?

For choosing a hairstyle of your choice, you will have to do a little research by going through bridal magazines and sites like Pinterest and you will get an idea of various hairstyles. Look especially for wedding hairstyles 2018 to get a futuristic look. Some points to consider are:

Your Bridal Dress

Remember to choose a hairstyle that will complement your bridal dress. For example, if your bridal dress is simple, you better choose a dramatic hairstyle, while if your dress is a flashy ball gown with shimmery details, a more subtle hairstyle will complement it. For a gorgeous gown with an open back design, a braid or side pony would be perfect.

You should also consider your neckline, sleeves and length of your dress. For example, if your neckline is high, an updo is a better choice. If you are going to wear long sleeves, your hair will look best flowing on your shoulders. Free-flowing hair will also complement a short-length dress.

Your Wedding Theme

Your hairstyle should also reflect your wedding theme. For example, a vintage wedding will best be reflected by a period hairstyle or a ‘messy’ updo, while long locks will suit a boho style wedding.

beautiful hairband

Your Hair Length and Volume

You may love a hairstyle you see on Pinterest, but after giving it a thought, you realize that your hair is not that long or thick to work it out. Therefore, consider only those hairstyles that are done with hair having the same length or volume as of yours. Another fantastic option is using hair extensions and adding length and volume to your hair to achieve that dream hairstyle you have fallen in love with.

Consider Weather

In general, a cooler climate is perfect for any hairstyle. However, if you will be getting married on a hot summer day or in a humid seaside climate, you better choose a hairstyle thoughtfully. Choosing an updo is anytime the best bet because you need not worry about the frizz or hair sticking to your back. With hair tied up, you will also feel cooler and more comfortable.

A Trim is a No-no

It almost always happens that you go for a trim and the hairdresser cuts a long length of your hair. This should not happen to you just before your big day. So, if you want a trim, do it at least a few months before the wedding and not just before it.

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Accessories will also play a major role in making your hairstyle look stunning. You can use accessories according to your wedding theme, color scheme, bridal gown and of course, your hair style. If you are holding a spring wedding, flowers and foliage can be your best accessories. However, for wearing flowers in your hair, you need not have a spring wedding. You can wear them in any season. You can either get a lovely flower band created and wear it or tuck single small or big flowers in each hole of your braid.

flowers as accessories

Or wearing a sparkling hair band or hairpin can also be a great idea. Or how about tying cute tiny clips all over your free-flowing hair? Literally, there are countless ideas and you can try them to achieve a maximum beautiful look.

So, will you set a hairstyles 2018 trend? Remember it’s your wedding and you should be happy with whatever you choose, be it your hairstyle or anything else! Happy married life!