Top Tips to Find a Wedding Photographer that can Guide You

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pastel bride bouquet by Vivian PhotographyWhile finding a photographer to shoot your big day, you may consider points like the photographer’s previous work, how efficiently s/he uses lighting and compositions, and more of such things. But it’s also important to see how well s/he gets along with you. Do you feel comfortable with her/him? Can you ask her/him any silly questions and does s/he reply them without getting irritated? If the photographer is such that you feel as if you are dealing with your friend, you can say that you’ve got the right photographer.

Photographer that can Tell You that You’ve Got the Right Partner

You can even find a wedding photographer that can assure you that you have got the right partner because s/he has the tricks on how to know he’s the one! The ultimate meaning of this is you should find a photographer taking a keen interest in your wedding and not just interested in capturing photos and taking her/his payment.

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Helping You to Improve the Overall Look of Your Wedding

Such a photographer will also help you in improving your wedding’s overall look by making valuable suggestions in the decoration, and other things. This is obvious because if your venue and its décor are good, your wedding photos will be good too. An experienced wedding photographer can also help in your makeup, dress and makeup so that you look best in your wedding photos.

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About Photographs

You can also ask some photography-related questions if you have some things in mind in particular, for example:

Blurred Backgrounds: If you love the blurred backgrounds in your friend’s wedding photos and wonder if your photographer can give you just that, ask her/him if s/he can create “shallow depth of field”. For this, photographers use professional lenses that can focus tightly on the subject.

Various Types of Images: Images taken by one photographer look soft and pastel, while that by another look clean and still some others look as if they were taken on an old film. This is because every photographer does editing in a different way using computer software; this is known as ‘post-processing’. In this, some basic adjustments of color and lighting are done by most photographers, but it can also be done with the editing software in order to achieve a unique look. The three most popular styles today are:

  1. Matte: This is a low-contrast look achieved with muted colors resembling a vintage film
  2. Clean: This is achieved by light processing and appears natural
  3. High-contrast: This is a vibrant look achieved with rich popping colors

You can ask your photographer to shoot your wedding in one of these styles, no matter whichever it is, you should love it!

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