Travel-Inspired Wedding Ideas

Posted by on Mar 13, 2017 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

travel inspired weddingDo you and your future spouse like to travel or perhaps you have met each other while traveling? If a destination wedding isn’t in the cards, why wouldn’t you fill your big day with travel-inspired items? So, would you, please, fasten your seat belts because I’d like to take you to the ride; I’ll give you tips and ideas for a travel-themed wedding of your dreams!

1 – A Globe as a Centerpiece – Who said centerpieces must be flower arrangements? I’m not suggesting ditching wedding flowers completely, but choosing a centerpiece that will match your travel-inspired wedding is a fresh idea. You don’t have to go all vintage, although globes do look their best in a vintage environment.

2 – Maps, Maps, Maps Everywhere – Wrap vases in vintage maps and you’ll get inexpensive, yet charming decoration. Use maps for wedding stationery, wedding invitations and, if you’re organizing a summer wedding, think about making map-fans for all your guests.

3 – Fly that Plane – Frequent flyers? Let your wedding be aviation inspired. Plane toys for an indoor wedding or an actual little plane if you’re exchanging your vows outdoors is the way to fully embrace the spirit of flight and incorporate aviation into your big day.

4 – A Suitcase and a Passport, As long as we’re Together It’s All We Need – Do you feel excited every time you look at your passport and/or a suitcase? Yes, nothing says “travel” more than a suitcase and a passport. So, use suitcases as decor items and opt for passport-inspired wedding invitations and stationery. Suitcase wedding cake is also an excellent idea for globe-trotters who get married.

5 – A Compass to Help You Find Your Way Home – If you ever get lost (literally or figuratively), a compass will help you find your way back, every traveler knows that. And yes, it’s a meaningful item for any couple tying the knot. Compasses are great as favors for all wedding themes, but you can also use them as decor items or even as a wedding cake topping idea for your travel-inspired event.