Truly Affordable Toronto Wedding Photography with a High Competence Level

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osgoode hall wedding torontoIf you are based in Toronto or have come here to celebrate a destination wedding, and are in search of a good wedding photographer, there are some interesting things you better understand. It needs your attention even more if you are in search of a Toronto wedding photographer under 2000. The things to consider involve the average cost of a Toronto wedding photographer, what “affordable” really means to you and what you are expecting from your wedding photographer.

What does “Affordable” Mean?

engagement ring photography“Affordable” is a term which is relative and may change from person to person. If you are a daughter of a millionaire, a wedding photographer costing $10,000 per hour may mean affordable to you. But then what should be considered as affordable? For this, we should consider the average cost of Toronto wedding photography, which is around $3000. So, anything below this price can be considered as affordable.

Are Large Wedding Studios Good?

acornproduction.caI am afraid, no! If you are on a budget, and want all your wedding vendors, including your wedding photographer, to be low-cost, large wedding studios should be a no-no. They feature a rotating pool of photographers who have varying levels of capabilities and styles; you cannot guarantee of their experience and competence levels. Moreover, much of their investment goes in marketing and advertising, so you can never expect them to offer you the best price.

So, Whom should You Seek?

atlantis pavilions new years eve wedding torontoOf course, smaller, up and coming studios/shops! E.g.! This is just the right choice for you if you are after a truly affordable wedding photographer in Toronto – a wedding photography studio that strives to offer you exactly what you want at a much lesser price than the average market price, thus literally budget-friendly.


summer wedding is a professional wedding photography service catering the entire Greater Toronto Area. They specialize in capturing weddings in documentary, candid and story-telling styles – the most popular and fantastic wedding photography styles of today. They are known for their non-intrusive approach and a laidback and easy-going demeanor, thereby creating simple, fresh and timeless wedding photos. And they do all this at a cost much below the average cost of the Toronto wedding photography market. They boast of being Toronto wedding photographer under $2000!

osgoode hall wedding torontoTake a look at some of their amazing work in this article and a lot more on their website.

So, I think your search for an affordable Toronto wedding photographer is over! Wish you a happy married life with lots of golden wedding photos to cherish for years to come!