Tungsten Wedding Rings – Look the Most Fabulous On Your Big Day While Being Easy On Your Pocket

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black tungsten wedding ringtungsten wedding ring by PebbleBeachTreasures.comThe popularity of tungsten in wedding rings is rising because the metal offers sleek fashionable styles for affordable prices. But a bride may be skeptical about having a tungsten wedding ring. Therefore we researched about the tungsten carbide rings by discussing with the proprietors of PebbleBeachTreasures.com who offer one of the largest selections of Tungsten rings and have brought tips for brides-to-be about this amazing metal!

Properties of Tungsten Wedding Rings

While thinking over having a tungsten wedding ring, you may also think of what exactly tungsten is. Also called wolfram, tungsten is a chemical with some astonishing characteristics. The metal has the highest tensile strength and highest melting point. Therefore it’s extremely durable and also fairly rare.

There is no pure tungsten in tungsten wedding rings though; instead, the rings are made of tungsten carbide because it’s too tough to work with pure tungsten. Hence the tungsten used in wedding rings as well as in industrial applications is its carbide form which is created with equal number of atoms of tungsten and carbon. Tungsten carbide is in a fine powder form and has to be mixed with a binder like cobalt or nickel so as to make it easy to mould into various shapes like wedding rings.

Star Wars Jedi tungsten wedding ring tungsten wedding ring by PebbleBeachTreasures.com

Many characteristics of pure tungsten, however, are retained in tungsten carbide, including the highest tensile strength and highest melting point. Rings made of it are also highly scratch resistant. The metal has a light gray color which is darkened with processes like brush finishing.

Tungsten rings are moderate conductors of heat and electricity. If this is an issue for you, you may turn to wooden wedding rings. However, removing the ring while working may be a better solution.

Many people think that tungsten rings cannot be removed in an emergency situation. This is a myth and tungsten carbide rings can easily be removed with standard jewelry removal tools if there is an emergency.

Another property of tungsten rings is that they are a bit heavier than 14k gold rings.

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The Best Tungsten Carbide for Wedding Rings

In quality tungsten wedding rings, jewelry grade tungsten carbide with a nickel binder is used. Though nickel used in gold alloys can lead to allergies in a few people, the quantity of nickel in tungsten carbide rings is pretty low and it’s bonded with other atoms so tightly that the risk of allergy is minimized.

Tungsten carbide rings formed with the cobalt binder should be completely avoided not only for wedding rings but also for other types of jewelry. Cobalt causes allergic reactions and also reacts with skin oils to create a permanent mark on the ring. The tungsten rings made by PebbleBeachTreasures.com are totally cobalt-free and have nickel in them as a binder.

Various Types of Jewelry Grade Tungsten

Jewelry grade tungsten is available in various types from high quality in which there is a very low proportion of nickel and high proportion of tungsten-carbon combination to low quality containing the reverse proportions. Therefore prices also vary greatly according to the qualities.

What are Black Tungsten Rings?

Black tungsten rings are usually made with a coating over the natural gray tungsten. However, any kind of coating eventually gets scratched.

black tungsten wedding ringtungsten wedding ring by PebbleBeachTreasures.com


Tungsten carbide is the most durable among gold, silver, platinum and palladium, and also highly scratch-resistant. However, it has also some amount of brittleness. A tungsten ring can crack (instead of bending like gold or platinum) if you apply enough pressure to it. High quality tungsten rings won’t crack unless extreme pressure is applied to them. The break vs. bend property is actually in the favor of some people, especially men who work with heavy objects, machinery etc.

Upsides and Downsides of Tungsten Wedding Rings


  • Tungsten carbide rings are super resistant to scratches and more durable than several traditional metals used for wedding rings.
  • Tungsten rings can be engraved using a laser engraving tool. Take a look at the superb engravings at the tungsten rings of PebbleBeachTreasures.com! We have given some of them in this article too.
  • Tungsten rings are available in a wide range of finishes from the dark gray brush finish to a highly polished mirror finish. Again take a look at the PebbleBeachTreasures.com rings with a great variety of finishes.
  • Tungsten rings are pocket-friendly.
  • Tungsten wedding rings are resistant to tarnish and corrosion and don’t need rhodium plating.

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  • The main downside of tungsten rings is that they cannot be resized.
  • The style range is also a bit limited in tungsten rings with more number of styles in men’s rings than that in women’s rings. And even men’s tungsten rings are limited to glossy modern styles since this metal is not easily malleable. Exception is the rings available at PebbleBeachTreasures.com which vary a lot in styles with innovative styles like Star Wars, Zelda, Doctor Who, Band Celtic Claddagh and many more including the regular Comfort Fit and Flat Bands. Moreover they specialize in custom designs.

tungsten wedding ring with deer tacks design by PebbleBeachTreasures.com

Tips for Buying a Tungsten Wedding Ring

To make your buying experience with a tungsten wedding ring pleasant, here are some useful tips:

  • Since tungsten rings cannot be resized, ensure that you buy the ring of exactly correct size. Take your ring size later in the day when fingers are swollen after the day’s work.
  • While you might prefer a tungsten wedding ring due to the affordable price it comes for, remember that you get what you pay for. Therefore, you better look for the priciest tungsten ring possible. If you can’t afford that, you better turn to titanium or stainless steel rings.

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Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings at PebbleBeachTreasures.com

PebbleBeachTreasures.com is one of the largest sellers of tungsten carbide rings of a variety of sizes ranging from 3 to 17!

Custom design is a specialty of PebbleBeachTreasures.com and they offer a variety of custom engravings, inside engravings, engravings with special characters, custom font, and more. Plus, you can also request a design that is completely your own.

US shipping is free and most orders ship within 24 hours.

Remember these tips while buying a tungsten wedding ring, buy one at a reputable seller like PebbleBeachTreasures.com and look the most fabulous on your big day while being easy on your pocket!

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