Turn Your Wedding into a Fairytale with Enchanting Music

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Ivan and Levine EntertainmentSingapore is a hotchpotch of many ethnicities and so, when it comes to choosing wedding musicians, you will find no scarcity of musicians, live bands and vocalists you want for your special day. You just have to choose one that suits the best to your choice. For example, Ivan and Levine are wedding musicians in Singapore who offer you heavenly musical entertainment on weddings that people can hardly forget. You can pay attention to some points while choosing your wedding band.

Chinese Songs

It’s observed by renowned musicians in Singapore that in Chinese weddings, guests become really energetic when the bands perform Mandarin or Cantonese Hokkien songs. Therefore choosing musicians that can sing Chinese songs fluently will spice up your wedding.

Ivan and Levine Entertainment

Watch Videos

While choosing any band, watch videos. Videos give you actual idea of the band’s competence than words. On IvanAndLevine.com you can watch a number of videos of their performances.

Importance of Vocalists

It’s better to have at least 2 vocalists – one female and one male. They can perform the duet love songs which are actually so important on an occasion like wedding. Alternating between the two vocalists is also a good idea to keep up the guests’ interest in the music. So, choose a band having two vocalists.

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Aggressive or Submissive

Bands also fall in two more categories – one aggressive and other submissive. The aggressive ones make their presence felt with live and vibrant music, while the submissive ones prefer to present their music more like background music for the whole scene. It depends on you which one you prefer. For deciding this, you will again have to watch videos or listen to a live performance of the band you are planning to hire.

Sound System

Sound system (PA system) is a crucial part which you should look into because most hotels don’t allow using their system and most hotels, in the first place, don’t have a proper system appropriate for a live band setup. The basic system that some venues have are so used up that they are quite band sounding! You should remember the old saying “A band sounds as good as its PA system”.

Ivan and Levine Entertainment

Ivan & Levine Entertainment is a live band in Singapore who bring live acoustic music to events and parties. They have performed at numerous weddings along with many musicians. They are unique because they are versatile and have a range of talented, trained and professional musicians and singers. The pictures in this article are their courtesy.

If you choose such a band, your wedding will become a fairytale that will catch heart of everyone present.ivan and levine band