Types of Wedding Album Covers – Which One will You Choose?

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Acrylic AlbumWhen it comes to choosing your wedding photo album, you want the best. But it is indeed daunting to think over which one is the best, as there are so many options available like leather, acrylic and metallic, engraved, glossy, matte and so on. To clear the confusion of your mind, here are various album cover styles explained so you can take an informed decision and end up in choosing a perfect professional wedding album.

Photo Cover

This style of cover is one of the commonest options. This is created by printing your most favorite photo on professional canvas cardstock and then offered a matte or glossy finish. Creating a photo cover needs lots of proficiency and practice.Wedding Album


Leather Cover

There are three types in leather covers – premium leather, embossed leather and genuine leather. A premium leather album cover is created from a single piece of high quality leather which is then custom fitted to the album, while genuine leather cover is made from three separate pieces of leather which cover the front, spine and back of the album.

On the other hand, an embossed leather cover is made from single pieces of leather with particular patterns and designs. Mostly these covers look like reptilian skin patters like that of python or crocodiles. However, they are not made from real reptilian skin.

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Photo Printed Leather Cover

A photo printed leather cover blends the best of both worlds, i.e. it has your favorite photo printed on a premium leather piece which is then custom fitted to the album. These leather covers are available in various colors.

Metallic Photo Cover

This is a relatively new style of photo album cover and is a blend of genuine leather and a brilliant (or luminescent) metal.

Acrylic Album Cover

This is the latest style of photo album cover and has got a tremendous popularity because of its classic yet fresh feel. It has a ¼” thick piece of acrylic that spans over the front side of the album.

Acrylic Album

Inner Pages

Inner pages of your wedding album are even more important because they carry your actual photos which you are to treasure for life. Inner pages have the following options.


This is a shiny coat that offers a perfect vibrancy and brightness to the photos. However, its drawback is it shows fingerprints easily.


This is a duller finish but it is overall more even. No matter, wherever light falls on matte finish, photos look great as light doesn’t reflect too much from this surface. Fingerprints too show less. This type of finish is considered very professional and most photographers choose it. However, it’s not as vibrant as the glossy finish.


Luster falls somewhere between glossy finish and matte. It’s not as vibrant or sharp as glossy, and also not as subdued as matte. It reduces fingerprints and glare, and is considered a professional finish.

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