Types of Wedding Limos – Choose the Most Suitable One for You

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houston limoIf you are planning to hire a wedding limo so as to reach your wedding venue in comfort, elegance and style, which type of wedding limo are you going to hire? Yes, you can have a wide choice while booking a limo, with each type having a different and unique set of luxuries and benefits. Limousines are produced every year aiming at more and more luxuries and suitability to different needs of different people. Hiring a correct type of wedding limo will double the joy of your big day because your journey towards your venue, reception and thereafter will be so fun! Here are some of the types of limos you can have.

Lincoln Limousine

Lincoln Limousine is offering an exceptional style, class, elegance, luxury and comfort for decades. A prestigious company in the market, Lincoln takes pride in producing limos with a class and quality. It’s because of this reason, that so many people prefer a Lincoln limo for their event and out of thousands of stretch limos on the planet, a large percentage is that of Lincoln limos. Lincoln limos are leaders in safety standards, so you and your wedding party are absolutely safe. Lincoln limos are considered a perfect vehicle for occasions like weddings, parties, and the likes.

lincoln limousine

Limo Bus

When you want a “party bus”, you should consider a limo bus! A limo bus is a perfect party bus with a range of entertainment options and luxury. A limo bus is one of the largest types of limos and can accommodate even up to 40 people. Take a look, for example, at the party bus offered by the van rental Houston company, Limo And Town Car. Won’t it be a great fun to take all your near and dear ones along with you to the wedding venue in a limo bus, while partying with them? The bus is equipped with dancing poles, disco floor, drinking zones, smoke machine and rest room! What else do you want?

houston party bus

Hummer Limousine

If you are planning to travel towards your wedding venue from home and then to your reception venue with your entire family, a hummer limo is ideal for you. It’s of a massive size and has an aesthetic exterior design. It can take in up to 20 to 24 people and is equipped with modern amenities and special features too so as to make your ride enjoyable.

SUV Limousine

A SUV limousine is just right for a family ride towards your wedding venue when you have children in your wedding party. A SUV limousine is equipped with baby seat hooks, strollers and a lot of bags. It can take in up to 6 adults and lots of luggage, so you can take your entire bridal ensemble with you to the wedding venue for optimum convenience. It also has a full entertainment package in the form of TV, bars, wireless headphones and a spacious interior.

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Sedan Limousine

Sedan limo is relatively smaller and is typically the most inexpensive limo. If you are on budget and still want some comfort and luxury in your wedding transportation, a sedan limo is a perfect option. It is an ideal choice when you don’t want to show off, but desire ease and practicality for your own satisfaction.

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