Undertake Stretch Mark Prevention for your Big Day

Posted by on May 25, 2013 in Wedding tips |

stretch marksWell, you big day is around the corner and you want to look the most beautiful on the day. And so, you are undergoing lots of pampering treatments! But what to do of the stretch marks? You are afraid that you may get them, because you have gained weight and umm… maybe you are pregnant?  But don’t worry. There are beauty treatments and products for stretch mark prevention too. Let us see, how you can have a flawless skin on your wedding, free from stretch marks.

Causes of Stretch Marks

sudden weight gainLet us first see, what causes them. Normally, it is known that pregnancy brings them. But sudden weight gain too can bring them. So also, hormone replacement therapy and genetic factors too may play a role in developing stretch marks. When skin is subjected to stretch which it cannot handle, it ruptures and that is seen in form of colored lines, which are called stretch marks.


You can prevent stretch marks by developing many good habits as well as applying various products for stretch mark prevention.

Control the speed of weight gain. If the increase in weight is abrupt, skin undergoes stretching force, which it cannot bear and ruptures. But if the weight gain is slow, skin can tolerate it and builds a capacity to handle the stretch.

Massage the area where you think you can get stretch marks with a soft cloth to improve blood circulation there.

good foodIncrease zinc intake in your diet. You can include fish, nuts, carrots, milk, citrus fruits, etc in your daily food to make your skin healthy.

Vitamins A, C and D are necessary for the health of skin. Consult your doctor and take supplements if necessary.

drinking waterDrink adequate water to keep your body and skin moisturized.

Apply good products meant for stretch mark prevention. These products contain ingredients which enhance collagen production and support dermis which keep the skin intact in spite of extra stretching force.