Underwater Engagement Photographs by a Talented Photographer – A Feast for Eyes

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underwater bride and groomIf you want to have some amazing photographs of your engagement and wedding, which are height of creativity, go for an underwater engagement or wedding! Of course, you should be good swimmers or divers for that  🙂 and also you won’t be witnessed by any of your guests, but your photographer! But if you are an adventure-loving bride, you are definitely a swimmer and also would afford the absence of your guests for some time. Chi Chan is an award-winning professional Los Angeles wedding photographer and I would like to showcase here some of the mind-blowing shots he has captured of an underwater engagement. The creativity of the photographer is at its best and you will feel like having something like this on your engagement and wedding too.

Take a look at this amazing photo of an underwater bride! The photographer has captured just the correct elements that make an excellent photo, like perfect facial expressions, perfect colors, perfect angle and perfect lighting! If you were scared of getting your makeup spoiled under water or feeling smothered, your fear will be eliminated looking at this photo; the bride is looking simply beautiful, just as she should be!

underwater bride

This is another photo of a beautiful bride who is playing underwater golf! This photo shows that you can take photos in which you will be seen enjoying your pre-wedding life under the water too. And it also shows that you can wear literally any dress under the water!

underwater bride playing golf

This photo is still another example of the photographer’s creativity. The bride is seemingly looking into a mirror under water. The photo also shows the fun reflection of the bride. The frame can be used as a representation of anything, depending upon your creativity.

underwater bride looking in mirror

And here is an awesome photo of the bride and groom together, engaged in a romantic kiss under water! No doubt, both of them are beautiful, romantic and adventurous – they will definitely live their life together to the fullest!

underwater bride and groom

“Wow, what a dress!” I am sure, you are going to utter those words, seeing this photo. The bride is in her full wedding ensemble, wearing a perfect wedding dress and accessories, and looking absolutely comfortable under the water. So, this is another example that you can wear any dress for your underwater engagement or wedding.

underwater bride 2

At ChiChanPhotography.com, your eyes will get a feast of lovely photos captured by Chi Chan and you will realize the versatility of the photographer. There are ‘bride-alone’, ‘photojournalism’, ‘details’ and ‘romantic’ wedding photos, ‘romantic’ and ‘fun’ engagement photos, ‘fashion’ and ‘people’ portraits and underwater photos.

So, what do you think? Don’t you feel like hiring such a talented wedding photographer and fulfilling your wish to have a truly exceptional wedding?