Unique and Original Wedding Tips

Posted by on Jan 1, 2012 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

We are all aware of the fact that the wedding day is very important and romantic moment in one’s life. Every couple wants to look and feel wonderful and to make their guest remember their wedding day as unique and joyful experience. Here are some useful tips how to manage your wedding in order to be original and memorable.

Go Green! Nowadays it is very popular to go on green in nearly every aspect of our lives. Eco-friendly wedding is the way to save the planet, but your budget also, while all the guest would be very pleasantly surprised. To achieve this, you can pick the “green” wedding gown, not green in color, but made of sustainably produces materials or it can be recycled / reworked wedding gown that the mother of a bride wore. Also, going green means energy saving. The wedding day should be organized during the daytime, because then there is no need for lights.

Make Unique Guest Book! Instead of some traditional guest book, pass around some nice blank journal book and ask the wedding guests to write something funny, nice or interesting about the married couple. If you leave enough space for the photos of every guest, you can add them after the wedding and make really nice and unique memory of the most important moments of your lives.

Add Sound to the Wedding Invitations! Add 10 to 120 seconds of sound to your wedding invitations, Save the Date cards, or even thank you notes now. This adds an incredible WOW factor to your invitation making it truly unique and special. If you visit www.cleversoundpromotions.com, they have templates and information on creating your sound (on the FAQ page) and all the information you need to make your invitations special and make your your guests feel literally excited about your special day.

The Alternative Bouquet Dance! Marriage ceremony is the celebration of love, trust and eternal love. For couples that have more married wedding guests than single ones, there is a possibility to organize the bouquet dance in order to honor the couple who have been married the longest. They will take the bouquet and in a return they could give the brand new married couple useful tips how to be in love for a long time.