Useful Tips for Your Wedding Invitations

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blissful stationery wedding invitationsThe way you will invite people on your big day makes a big difference regarding what they expect. If you think that they should feel a strong urge to attend your wedding, you should take care of certain things while designing your wedding invitations.

Express Your Wedding Style

From your wedding invitation, your wedding style should be represented. Along with the essential information about venue, date and time, the invitation style signifies your wedding style. Is it glam or subdued? Is it classic or modern? Before you place an order for wedding invitations decide which style you will have for your wedding and let that style reflect in your invites. Your stationer can also help you with the relevant designs if you describe to him what you want.blissful stationery wedding invitations


Your Wedding Colors

You can also express your wedding colors in your wedding invitations. You may include colors as well as motifs in the invite, and then take both through all the other wedding stationery to make them look more interconnected. While a combo of white, ivory or cream and golden or black is a classic preference for formal wedding invitations, you are free to choose bright or metallic colors for your envelopes, font, liners and paper stock. But here you will have to pay attention to readability.

Which Shape and Size You Want?

The traditional shape is rectangular and size is 4.5 inch x 6.25 inch. But nowadays, more modern and playful shapes like square, circular or scalloped shapes too are popular. You just have to keep in mind while going for these modern shapes and sizes that they can be hard on your pocket while sending.

Give Priority to Legibility

You might consider any fashionable shape, size, colors and styles for your wedding invitations; but remember that they should be legible first! If you choose a yellow color font on a white background, or a too small or excessively ornate font, people wearing glasses or having an eye problem, may not be able to read the invitation.

blissful stationery wedding invitations

Avoid Overcrowding

Don’t add unnecessary information to your card, like too many quotes, blessings, songs, etc. The most important points are your venue, date and time which should get first place on your invitation. If you fill too many other things in your invitation, the main information may remain hidden below it and some people may not understand exactly when and where your wedding is.

Check the Proof Keenly

Before printing all your invitations, your stationer will send a proof to you in form of a hard copy, or an email attachment. Don’t just get it checked by your mom or sister. Take help of your English-savvy friend to check it keenly.

Order a Few Extra

If you fall short of invitations, it will be expensive for you to order again. Instead, order a few extra in advance. If they are not distributed, it won’t be much of a loss to you.

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