Valuable Wedding Photography Advice for Wedding Couples

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wedding photography on the Gold Coast by Lucas KrausBrides always want to look good in their weddings and wedding photos. Therefore we keep giving here experts’ tips for brides what to do and what not to, during their wedding, so as to get awesome results which brides can cherish for years to come. Here are some more.

Couples that aren’t Used to Being In Front of the Camera


It’s not always easy to pose before the camera, especially when you are not used to it. Some couples find it easy, while others don’t. If you fall in the latter group, it’s advisable to conduct an engagement shoot with your photographer. As it’s the engagement shoot, you are not stressed by the thought that the photos should be good in any case and you get a good practice of posing before the camera and also get more close to your photographer who can make some nice suggestions on your big day.

An engagement shoot is so important, especially if you are camera-shy and/or have not met your photographer. This session will create a good working relationship between you and your photographer. And some lovely photos before the big day are a bonus.


Importance of a Professional Wedding Photographer


Many couples that have relatives having a half decent camera who offer to capture photos for them think that why to spend on a professional. However, those who take this route experience some absolute horror stories and it’s here that a professional photographer steps in. Lucas Kraus offering wedding photography on the Gold Coast, Australia, advise couples to get their wedding photography done always by professionals.

It may seem like a huge expense. However, it’s your most special day in the life and its photos should be definitely excellent and not something like done on a trial and error basis.

A professional not just has a professional camera, but also has years of training, practice and experience in wedding photography. They also know what to do in difficult situations. If their primary gear fails, they have a supporting gear and backup ready, which an amateur doesn’t have. They know where to stand to catch awesome moments without coming in the way of the wedding couple and guests. And of course, they know which angles and lighting conditions are the best for specific photos.

wedding photography on the Gold Coast by Lucas Kraus

Another point to remember is that if you hand over the task of photography to a relative, that relative either cannot enjoy your wedding fully or may miss some valuable shots while having fun and frolic.

Don’t let yourself be deprived of the memories of this precious day of your life. Hire a nice wedding photographer and be proud of your wedding for years to come.