Vintage Bridal Jewelry – A Touch of History and Elegance

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gold Egyptian collar necklaceWearing something old on your big day offers your dazzling bridal beauty a touch of history and elegance. And what else than a vintage piece of jewelry can be more appropriate for this purpose? VintageForAges is a vintage jewelry online shop with limited time discounts where you can get fabulous old and new elements of bridal ensemble, wedding dresses, purses, jewelry and much more.

If you go on exploring vintage bridal jewelry, you will be lost to an unending world of amazement. You just have to ensure which type of jewelry will match your wedding dress. Also, in some families there is a tradition that the groom offers jewelry to the bride which she has to wear during ceremony. If you buy vintage jewelry, make sure that it matches the jewelry gifted to you by your husband’s family.

Here are some fabulous examples of vintage jewelry and accessories you can use on your wedding. All of them and many more are available on VintageForAges.

Antique Silver EPNS Purse

This beautiful Chain 1920s silver colored purse is made of Electroplated Nickel Silver and has got an amazing floral design.

antique silver EPNS purse

Glass Heart Earrings

Earrings make your face glow even more on your big day. These glass heart earrings are in perfect condition and with their deep blue glow they will make you look stunning.

glass heart earrings

Christmas Tree Brooch

This vintage Christmas tree brooch belongs to the 70s and is in great condition. Its golden glow will make you shine too!

christmas tree brooch

Gold Egyptian Collar Necklace

This amazing collar necklace in Egyptian style is made of gold plated segments and rows of clear Chaton Rhinestones that separate each section. If you wear it on your reception, you are sure to be the star of the event.

gold Egyptian collar necklace

Coral Sterling Silver Bracelet

This stunning bracelet will be a perfect match to your modern bridal ensemble with its red corals and shiny sterling silver shine. It’s made by zuni bracelet and is in perfect condition.

coral sterling silver bracelet

And there are many more such fabulous pieces on VintageForAges. Don’t forget to take a look and you will find what you were looking for.