Virtual Wedding Planning – A Perfect Option for Your Dream Wedding

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virtual wedding plannerWhether it is Kim Kardashian or a common girl like you and me, a bride-to-be always dreams of a wonderful wedding which is perfect and faultless, so as to be remembered by every guest. Therefore hiring a wedding planner becomes inevitable. However, the cost of such a wedding planner is sometimes beyond budget and therefore many brides have to be disappointed. Plus, they also have their own ideas about their wedding which they want to bring in reality with a professional touch. In that case, Virtual Wedding Planning -an online monthly planning service at an affordable price – is a perfect option.

What is Virtual Wedding Planning?

wedding planningVirtual Wedding Planning is an all new type of wedding planning service through which every couple can hire a wedding planner just of their choice at an incredibly low cost. Whether you sign up for one month or more, you can take full benefit of the service according to the time you have in hand. The cost starts from as low as $45 per month. Plus, you get discounts upon signing up for multiple months.

How can You Use Your Personal Wedding Planner?

emailing the plannerWhen you sign up, you receive your own wedding planner whom you can access anytime and for as many times as you wish through email. Even you get access to online wedding tools and charts, with the help of which you and your personal wedding planner can plan the wedding better. You can send your ideas, questions and difficulties to your planner and you get response within 24 to 48 hours. Sometimes your planner researches the information you want and get back to you as soon as she gets the information. Your planner can also give you advice, information and worksheets, create budgets for you, and basically help you in almost every way which a face-to-face planner would.

What is the Benefit?

Because of this virtual wedding planner, you can become a DIY-bride. This means that you can implement all those wonderful ideas you have always dreamed about for your wedding, with a professional touch. Your virtual wedding planner won’t interfere with your ideas, but she will assist you to bring them in reality. Thus, you can become a true DIY-bride with a professional touch.

Get such a virtual wedding planner and enjoy your big day as you always dream to enjoy it!

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