Ways to Choose Wedding Favors

Posted by on Oct 14, 2012 in Wedding tips |

Wedding favors are not the most important thing to think about when planning your big day, but they certainly are the way you want to express appreciation to your guests for making your special event so lovely. Your invitees were your support from the first days of your love relationship to the very moment when you celebrate your decision to share the rest of your lives. There are many many many wedding favors ideas and you might wonder what to pick. We will share some tips and ideas how to choose your own wedding favors.

Match wedding favors with wedding theme, style, season and colors. For example, for a beach wedding, choose wedding favors that would go well with it, such as small sunscreen bottles, seashell shaped chocolates or candles etc. If you are throwing an unconventional wedding party, think about something crazy and funny that will match it, for example small shiny disco balls as key rings. Your guest will love it.

Would you prefer your wedding favors to be your escort cards simultaneously? Yes, you can choose anything you like and tag those favors with escort cards. You can print those cards and make them look really lovely. Many companies, such as PrintingQ offer printing services and they are ready to help you succeed in this quest.

If deep inside your heart you think that purchasing wedding favors is a waste of money and energy, you are not alone! Many couples nowadays support some cause and let their guests know about this donation by placing a note at their place settings. Choose the cause that is the closest to your heart and preferences. It is important to do the research about how certain charities spend your donations and ask whether you are going to receive a receipt for tax purposes.