Wedding Candy Buffet – A Mouthwatering Addition to Your Wedding Feast

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Wedding Candy BuffetColorful, shining, tempting, mouthwatering, mmmmm..ah! I am licking my lips on thinking about and looking at the pictures of candies! You too do the same when you see them, right? I want to guarantee you that if you keep a candy buffet on your big day, your guests too will lick their lips and will praise you. A wedding candy buffet is never a stale idea and whatever menu you plan, candies will only complement it as fun desserts. What’s more, planning for a candy buffet is not tedious but an enjoyable task, which will relieve your wedding planning stress to a great extent!

Planning A Wedding Candy Buffet

Planning a candy buffet is an art and evokes a creative quirk in you. But if a question is bothering you that how much candy will be needed for the buffet, take these things into consideration.

If you are planning to give away some candy to your guests as wedding favors, a rule of thumb is about eight ounces of candy will be required per guest. This is approximately equivalent to four full-size candy bars. So, if there will be 50 guests at your wedding feast, you will need about 400 ounces or 25 pounds of candy. Here it is also considered that some guests will take less than 8 ounces, some will take more and some will not take any (so, some candy will be left behind for display).

albanese blue raspberry gummy rings

Types of Containers

There are countless options for containers you can choose. Use various styles and sizes of jars of clear glass for a fantastic-looking display. Decorate the table with flowers, candles and pictures. Set the containers at different levels. Remember that there is no end to imagination for how you display your candy buffet.

Square ContainerAcrylic Square CanisterRosseto Triple candy dispenser






For your wedding favors, you can choose some classic paper bags, denoting a bit of rusticity, or you can choose designer Chinese boxes, or mini gable gift packs or nice organza pouches.

Pink Hearts

Types of Candy

Candy has a visual appeal, no doubt, but you can add still more appeal to your buffet by presenting at least 8 to 10 different types. Every guest will have a unique preference for candy and s/he will be pleased to see it in the buffet. You can include candy bars, lollipops, soft and hard candy, various types of candy beads, lifesavers, mints, sugar-free candy, chocolate candy, gummies, licorice, taffy, and many more.

White Gummie Bear

If you want a more nostalgic feel, you can order more of chocolates and the old-school candy.

sour patch

Use a good mix of wrapped and unwrapped candy as that will add a great colorful appeal to the buffet – a fantastic addition to your wedding photos.

colorful beads candy

While choosing colors, choose ones that will match your wedding theme or the bridesmaids’ dresses.

wedding candy buffet choosing colors has an endless array of mouthwatering candy and candy buffet ideas. Go through their website to please your eyes and explore some of your most favorites. Pictures given here are their courtesy.

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