Wedding Centerpieces – Fill Your Big Day with Colors and Fragrances

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MasshiroWedding centerpieces have a special place in your wedding decoration. Centerpieces are literally centers of everyone’s attraction and turn the atmosphere totally to a new and fresh one. The color combination and fragrance of centerpieces tickle every guest’s senses and so, these little pieces should be carefully chosen. Here are some tips.

Variety of Centerpieces

Traditionally a same type of centerpiece is kept on every table. But there is no harm in keeping 2-3 different ones. You can put in your creativity by arranging tables in rows and put a same type of centerpieces on tables in each row or changing them for alternate table to create an extravaganza of colors.

Let them Match Each Other

Though you choose different centerpieces, you should be careful to see that they are matching your overall décor. If you have chosen a sunflower theme for your wedding, sunflowers and other flowers and fruits in yellow and orange colors will suit it, but not apples or starfishes.

centerpieces and candles

Choose Seasonal and Local

The aim behind choosing seasonal and local foliage and flowers is to get optimum fragrance and freshness. This also eliminates the possibility of not getting the flowers delivered on time due to adverse weather conditions. This is more economical too than ordering exotic flowers.

Include Other Elements

Including other elements than flowers will add a dramatic novelty to your big day décor. You can add leaves of a variety of colors and patterns, or you can even add fruits. Seasonal fruits like apples, grapes and peaches will look great in your centerpieces because of their superb colors. If you are holding a beach wedding, conches and shells will make your centerpieces truly unique.

beach themed centerpiece

Let Your Guests See Each Other

Don’t make your centerpieces so bulky and overwhelming that guests sitting at the tables won’t be able to see each other.

Think of Sturdiness

Take into consideration your guests’ bumping into the tables and so, let your centerpieces be sturdy. Their arrangement should be tight so that they won’t spread into pieces if fall down and can be easily and quickly kept in place again.

Use Fragrance Carefully

Using too many fragrant flowers may make the atmosphere too scented and even two-three fragrances may clash. Keeping only one fragrant flower in one of the types of centerpieces will do wonders.

Use Vases Creatively

Vases are also equally important as the centerpieces. You can bring a lot of creativity in vases, e.g. earthen pots, glass bottles and jars can be used as vases.

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Wedding centerpieces