Wedding Cinematography – Why is it So Unique?

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wedding cinematography by JMarcMediaFor sure, you want a videographer for your wedding. You want still photos too and so, a photographer; but what can replace the joy of watching all the action, taking place before your eyes, for years after it took place actually? But do you know that this action can be turned into a cinema? Yes, I am talking about wedding cinematography!

What’s so Special about Cinematography?

You might have watched numerous wedding videos. What do they show? They show the wedding. What would a wedding cinema show you? A wedding cinema is just that – a cinema! Unlike wedding videography, wedding cinematography is done by capturing a few select parts of your event in a cinematic style – just like a Hollywood film. Naturally it looks much more lavish than a regular wedding video.

How do They Achieve it?

Simply put, a wedding cinema is shot like a cinema in which bride, groom and their guests are artists and wedding venue is the set of a cinema. Only difference is the story is not just a story but reality. Otherwise everything else is shot as if they are shooting a film.

The wedding film is first conceptualized and designed after a careful study of the lead characters in the story – the bride and the groom. High tech sophisticated gear is used to shoot the whole affair. These include glide cams, sliders, jibs, multiple lenses, rigs and tracks. Film is shot on DSLRs. The crew contains a chief cinematographer and multiple directors of wedding videography. The number of directors depends on the number of your guests and level of your wedding.

The finished video is edited in a cinematic style to make it look like a movie and have that sort of quality. They also produce a shorter version of the movie lasting for around 5 minutes. Sounds from around the day are used to make the story flow smoothly. Different parts of the film are connected together to create a smoothly flowing cinema of 20-30 minutes length. Or if you want, you can also have a longer version of “documentary style” which contains more parts of the wedding in a watchable way.

What are the Major Elements of Your Wedding Cinema?

To appear larger than life, a wedding cinema is shot just like a cinema, and therefore it contains all the elements a cinema has. It contains song and dance sequences, pre-wedding shots, emotional scenes of the wedding couple, their parents and main guests and family members, and anything else you desire.

Is there Any Difference between a Wedding Video and Wedding Cinema?

Yes, definitely! Many people are of opinion that there is no difference as such. But actually there is. The most significant difference is the way it looks. A wedding cinema is much more dramatic than a regular wedding video. A video is just a series of events captured as it takes place, while a cinema is a series of only important and spectacular events. It’s not correct to say that one style is better than the other. But it makes the difference with the way one looks at both. And of course, price factor is also important differentiating factor. As a wedding cinema is created using all high end tools and equipment, it comes with a pretty higher price tag than regular wedding videography.

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