Wedding Dance – Fun and not a Nightmare!

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wedding danceFor many couples, wedding dance is a nightmare, either because they cannot dance well or they have a fear that audience may laugh at them. If you are one such couple, remember that you can do well while presenting your wedding dance with a little planning. While making preparations for your wedding, you can take out some time for learning dance and coordination. And you will realize that the dance can be fun and not a nightmare!

Join a Good Dance Class Beforehand

You may feel that it is not worth joining a dance class just for a few minutes of wedding dance. But why to think that the class is only for your wedding dance? Dance is a fun activity, which you can do forever and whenever you want, and not only at your wedding.  It releases stress and offers good stretches and turns to your body, on the amazing rhythm of music. It is actually a wonderful exercise, not looking like an exercise. Moreover, it will bring about teamwork between you and your would-be spouse, which is a necessary factor of married life. So, choose a good dance class, well before your wedding and start learning and practicing.

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Choosing the Song and Planning the Dance

Once you learn dance, you can plan for your wedding dance. For this, you have to choose a perfect wedding song and practice dancing on its rhythms. By the time of wedding, you and your spouse will become experts in dancing on the chosen song. And the learning and practicing will be fun; you can spend more time with each other, because of the nearness the dance brings about between you two, you will feel happy and the stress of wedding preparations will be melted. You will find life easier and fun!

Wedding Musicians

You should talk to your musicians about the song you have chosen, so that they play the same song. If it is a DJ, s/he should play the song accordingly. In short, you should think about every component of your wedding dance, including musicians and take care of them, so that the dance will be presented perfectly.

Entrance and Exit

In the language of dance, entrance and exit mean beginning and end respectively. These are two important components of any dance. Many times, you might have seen the wedding couple confused about how to start the dance or puzzled after the dance is over. If you feel that you should not be in the same position, you should plan the entrance and exit of your wedding dance beforehand and practice it, so that your dance will be a memorable presentation and not some clumsy ritual.

Thus, you can have fun with your wedding dance and not be stressed with its thought, if you plan well in advance and practice well.