Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation – Important Things You Should Know

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cleaning and preserving wedding gownThough the precious possession called your dream wedding dress is going to be confined in a box in your closet and will hardly be taken out after your big day, it doesn’t mean that it should not be neat, clean, tidy and well-preserved. In fact, it will act as a reminder of the best memories in your life and so, you will have to preserve it well. Here are some most useful tips for wedding dress cleaning and preservation.

What is Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation?

Wedding dress cleaning and preservation is a special set of cleaning and packing methods used only for wedding dresses to ensure that the wedding dress retains its elegance and beauty for years. You need a professional preservationist for this who will first examine your gown to check its material, embellishments and the stains it has received. Then s/he will formulate a special cleaning procedure for your gown.

Actually, cleaning is the most vital part of the preservation process because stains, especially of sugar, turn brown with time and so, should be removed immediately. The earlier you take your gown to the preservationist, the better, as once the stains get older they set in and become difficult to remove. If you delay for more than a year, you will have to restore it instead of just cleaning.

After cleaning, the professional will keep the gown wrapped in an acid-free tissue paper and place it in a museum-standard archival box.

How to Find a Good Preservationist?

The job of finding a good preservationist has to be done a few weeks before your wedding. Ask your newlywed friends or family members where they got their wedding dresses cleaned and preserved and if the service was good. You can also find a good preservationist online with good testimonials and references.

Don’t Hesitate to Clear Doubts

Get all your doubts cleared with the preservationist. Ask if you will have to sign a disclaimer agreement which often contains a clause that frees the company from any responsibility in the event of any damage. Find a preservationist who will take responsibility and guarantee of each and every sequin and bead of your dress.

Storage After Cleaning

Once the dress is cleaned and sent to you, you will have to be careful while handling it. In the first place, there is no reason to take the gown out a lot of times. If at all, you do, at least don’t forget to clean your hands first. Wearing clean cotton gloves while handling the gown is advisable (several preservationists provide them). It’s better to discuss with the preservationist about handling the gown.

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