Wedding Dress Style – 3 Basic Tips

Posted by on Dec 7, 2015 in Wedding tips |

trinity brideIf you’re ready to tie the knot, yet you have trouble finding the perfect wedding dress, as always, I’ll try to help you! Read these tips and tricks and the most important gown you’ll ever wear will undoubtedly leave everyone breathless.

1. Wedding dress and location should match. Timeless, classic wedding dress styles, such as ball gown or A-line, work best with a formal, traditional ceremony and/or reception. If, however, your wedding takes place outdoors, go for lighter materials and less formal outfits. Planning a beach wedding? Make sure you don’t wear a long trail; sand and delicate fabrics simply do not mix. Non-traditional wedding venues call for unique and exotic wedding attire. If you still dream about sexy & fun gown that won’t be appropriate for (any) ceremony site, opt for cover-ups to get both of the two worlds.

2. Footwear and accessorize can be fun. If you’re getting married in the beginning of August, even sporting flip-flops can be a great pick. A beach wedding is impossible in white stilettos, isn’t it? A pair of furry snow boots is, of course, very suitable for a lovely wedding in December. Keep in mind that your outfit needs to follow your wedding theme and formality. So, choose something comfortable and suitable, but make sure it matches your personal taste, too. When it comes to accessorize, don’t let it overpower the ensemble. Nevertheless, the right jewelry will express your personality more than anything else; be playful and open-minded! Finally, don’t forget to choose the right undergarments; they can either make or break your silhouette!

3. Be dressed less casual than your guests. A black-tie affair means your guests will come in their best formal attire. For that reason, make sure you’re dressed appropriately, too. A floor-length ball gowns are probably the best option for these type of events, either accessorized with elegant jewelry or decorated with intricate beading.