Wedding Entertainment – Fresh Ideas

Posted by on Oct 22, 2012 in Wedding tips |

The best wedding venue, the perfect gown, suit and accessories, an incredible theme and style… Everything will be worthless if you do not entertain your guests. So, it is an important task to find the right entertainment for your wedding. Wedding music is what couples usually think about and it is not such an easy thing to find the right wedding band or DJ for your big day. But what about other types of entertainment? We will try to give you some nice ideas for your memorable wedding party.

A Tribute Artist / Impersonator

If you and your sweetheart are huge fans of some famous band or the musician, you could hire the Tribute Artists to make your wedding day even more special. Of course, keep in mind that you should have a common wedding band or a DJ also, because your guests might be interested in the impersonators for a while, not the whole day. Chris America is Madonna’s Impersonator and Look-a-like very popular and famous in the U.S. She has traveled the world because she really look like Madonna and the people who hired her were impressed. Check out her official site for more information at

A magician

No, we don’t think about an old-school version of a man on the stage pulling a white rabbit out of his black hat. No, we think and recommend someone who will entertain your guests by mingling discreetly, entertaining them with, for example, card tricks. So, while the photo session is going on, those who wait for their turn will be entertained by a modern close-up magician.

A psychic

Well, it might seem ridiculous, but an old gypsy woman reading the future from the palm of your guests’ hand will be very welcome on your wedding day. Your bridesmaids? They will be delighted! After all, it’s all about fun and you will certainly make your guests, at least, laugh! Tarot, cards, palm reading, crystal ball… anything you find will work well on your special event, if you are brave enough to hire a psychic!