Wedding Flowers – What to Avoid

Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in Wedding tips |

When you look at wedding albums, you will notice that wedding flowers are the most photographed details, besides the bride and the groom, of course. Therefore, it is very important to choose the bouquet and centerpiece that truly reflect you and fit your wedding theme and style. Top florists say that brides tend to make some common mistakes and we will try to share some tips with you on what to avoid when it comes to your wedding flowers.

First of all, couples tend to choose the centerpiece or the table setting without visualizing the whole reception room together with the wedding guests. So, if you pay too much money for a place with an incredible view of the seaside, mountain top or the lake, large centerpieces are not a good choice. They will only obstruct the wonderful view.

If you have already chosen your wedding florists, discuss your likes and dislikes, ideas and expectations, but trust your vendor. Avoid being inflexible. If you really know what is the best solution and you are not open to any substitution, why do you hire florist? Unless you are really into the florist business, put trust in that amazing talent you have hired and your wedding flowers arrangements will be absolutely breathtaking. So, you have to communicate with your florist, but to be flexible. Here is where lots of brides make mistakes.

Do not choose only one color! Yes, you should match your wedding flowers to the bridesmaid dresses, but a bridesmaid in pink gown with pink flowers will not look as fabulous at it might sound. So, if the color of your wedding is pink, lime green flowers will bring out the best in both colors.

If you adore strongly scented flowers, pick them, but only for the altar arrangements and the bridal bouquet. If you choose highly aromatic arrangements for centerpieces, even though it might sound so romantic, your guests, especially those prone to allergies, will find that scent annoying.