Wedding Garters – Feel Like World’s Most Beautiful and Most Stylish Bride

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SG custom colours wedding gartersCongratulations, you are engaged! You are preparing for your big day now. You must have chosen your dress (the most important element), your shoes, jewelry, hairstyle, makeup, and everything else, and you might be thinking that you are almost ready. But have you thought about wedding garters? Believe me, garter is one of the most romantic keepsake that you would like to cherish forever, and will remind you of the most special day of your life. Here are some things to consider while choosing your wedding garters.


Mostly wedding garters are one-size-fits-all. However, these are the accessories you should choose depending only on looks. So, choose those which you will love. Make sure you try them on and see if they fit. Check the size indications on the packaging.


SG LogoWhich style do you love? Classic or polka dot or anything else? Your style will reflect your personality. You can even get unique designer handmade wedding garters at They have got such a variety of styles – all lovely! Ravishing silk ribbon rosebud trim, sheer layers of ivory lace and chiffon ribbon in dusky blue, or custom made. You can see an extensive range of styles on their website, which include lovely custom made garters too. Pictures given in this article are their creations.


Incorporating your wedding colors in your garters is an easy but excellent way to personalize the garter. Have you chosen a blue wedding theme? Your wedding garter is perfect spot for that color! Is your bridal gown ivory, white or red? Its color is also a good point to start.

SG Nottingham lace layers garter


Garters are available in various widths. The wider ones are bolder and more elaborate, while the thinner ones feature simplicity and delicateness. Think upon what you’d wish to see on your leg in your wedding photos and what would nicely match up with your bridal ensemble.

Consider all these things and choose the wedding garters that will make you feel like the most beautiful and most stylish bride in the world!

SG custom colours wedding garters