Wedding Hats – A Dramatic Accessory

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wedding hatWhether you are planning a vintage-chic wedding or a modern one, a wedding hat is a dramatic, distinct and more than a bit coquettish accessory. Some of the most stylish brides in the world chose wedding hats as a major element of their bridal ensemble. Grace Kelly chose a Juliet cap matching with her gown’s lace, while Rita Hayworth wore a huge cartwheel. And the Duchess of Windsor sported a halo-style blue straw hat trimmed with blue and pink coq feathers. The strength of hats is you can do any type of wonderful thing with hats and can make them romantic, traditional, whimsical or dramatic!

While choosing a right hat, you should remember to go for a proportionate hat with your body and outfit. Its color and fabric should accentuate your dress; however, it may not be a perfect match. Even you can trim a hat having a detail from your sleeve or hem, for a harmonious look. The hat should fit your head with ease, sitting above the ears, framing the face in such a way as to make eyes prominent, without casting shadows that would spoil your photos. The hat shouldn’t also pinch or squash your hair. Therefore a wedding hat is your passion, forget a complex hairdo. Choose something like a short bob, a simple updo or a sleek style tucking behind your ears.

A short bride with a tea dress will look wonderful in a romantic picture hat, which should not be oversized though, so as to make her look like a big mushroom.

On the other hand, a bride donning a slip dress should select a hat having some breadth to balance her gown.

matching the dress

It isn’t necessary that the color and fabric should match exactly with your dress, but they must complement it.

Finding your Measurement

A woman’s hat is a measured in circumference. To find your hat size, wrap a measuring tape around your head, keeping it about an inch above your ear, with one finger inserted for breathing room. Most of the hats of millinery boutique style are sized in inches; however, department store hats are usually sized small, medium and large. Best thing is to consult an experienced salesperson for a perfect fitting hat.

measuring your hat

Designing Your Own Hat

While there is a huge collection of hats for you to choose from, you may not find your dream creation and in that case, you may get your own choice of hat designed from a milliner. Take a fabric swatch and the picture of your dress with you. You can also bring the pictures of hats that come near your imagination, so that the milliner can get an idea of what you are after.

designing your own hat

Adding a Flutter

Feathers have been a popular trimming for hats for centuries. A feathered wedding hat is a striking choice because it will attract all eyes to your face. A feathered hat normally works best with a narrow, straight clothing silhouette like a tailored suit or a long columnar gown. However, it is not a perfect choice for an outdoor wedding, where a sudden breeze may send your plumage fluttering over your partner. If the hat is feathered and large, it should be taken off for pictures, because it can hide your face or cast shadows.

feathered hats