Wedding Lights – Make a Huge Difference to Your Big Day

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Wedding LightsA wedding is a celebration where not only the wedding couple and their families enjoy but also other guests who attend the wedding out of sheer the love they feel for either of the parties. A wedding should ideally delight your guests with pleasant wedding decoration which includes wedding lighting too.

Wedding lighting doesn’t mean a flow of bright light everywhere in the wedding venue, which would blind you and your guests. Arranging wedding lights is an art and there are various types of wedding lights through which a pleasant wedding décor can be created. Here are some major types of wedding lights which you can use to make your wedding look exceptional and memorably beautiful.

Pin-spot Lighting

Pin-spot lighting focuses on particular stuff, by casting light on them. This can save your money, because instead of filling the entire venue with pricey floral arrangements and other decorative items, you can arrange these pieces in selected corners of the venue and use pin-spot lighting to highlight them and create an outstanding ornamental effect. Pin-spotting the centerpiece from two opposite angles, for example, makes the centerpiece look more stunning, than a complete lineup of decorative items or flowers.

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Uplighting is normally placed at the entrance of the wedding venue and also on the walls and it creates a unique drama. It is also called ambient décor lighting. Try not to use more than two colors for uplighting. Keeping things simple with uplighting only on walls and ceiling along with candles make the venue look elegant and delightful.

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Washes are to be arranged in such a way that they will make your certain arrangements glow. You can use them instead of spotlights as they attract everyone’s attention easily. You can use them anywhere, like bar, dance floor, wish tree etc. Or you can make the entire table glow with them. Washes are extremely useful to create a drama in an open space where pin-spots cannot do much of the job.

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Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting is well-known as LED. They are moving lights and can be used to color the event in one shade at a time and then shift to another. If you want to make your event look colorful, this is an ideal option to go for.

While opting for multiple colors in your wedding lighting, remember to use colors that are bearable, like blue, lavender, olive green, pink etc. and avoid colors like yellow, red, dark green etc. Also remember that too bright lighting can affect your wedding photography negatively.

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