Wedding Magician – A Great Entertainer and Icebreaker

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Chris Peskett's Magic A magician can make wonders to your big day. But the problem is many couples don’t know this. In the first place, the idea of hiring a good wedding magician doesn’t come to their mind. Therefore here we look at some of the many benefits that a wedding magician can bring you.

Makes Your Wedding Unforgettable

The major amongst your dreams about your wedding is it should be remembered by everyone! After all, your wedding isn’t only about you. It is a delightfully shared experience between your family and friends. A magician is the one who is not expected by many guests at a wedding and thus makes your day stand out. Indeed, if you select a perfect magician, your wedding will enjoy becoming the talk of the town for years to come.

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Magic of a Close Up Magician

A close up magician is the one who doesn’t perform only on stage, but moves from table to table and mingles with your guests, and perform her/his tricks. Nowadays many couples choose to hire a close up magician who can excellently keep people entertained, especially during the time when people have to wait and get bored, e.g. during the photography session. Everyone will eagerly wait for the magician to return to their table, rather than getting bored.

Acts as an Icebreaker

While all your guests attend your wedding for the sake of your love, they may not necessarily know each other, which can create an uncomfortable situation when they have been seated at one table. A wedding magician can act as an excellent icebreaker in such a scenario. Once the magician reach the table and perform, people start talking about her/him even if they haven’t talked to each other before. This amazingly increases the fun level of your event.

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Requires Very Little Space

This is the best feature of a close up magician – s/he requires very little space and very few props! Thus, if your venue is small, a magician can easily be incorporated in your event.

Choose an Experienced Wedding Magician

You will get all the above benefits if you choose an experienced wedding magician. An experienced professional can tailor her/his act to your big day. You will find several magicians out there, but only a few amongst them are truly “entertaining”. Ensure that you get lots of good reviews about the magician you are planning to hire.

Chris Peskett is a fantastic wedding magician! He performs amazing acts of illusion at weddings, and does a great job as both an entertainer and an icebreaker for your guests. Look at the photos in this article and you will realize how people are delighted by Chris’s wonderful magical feats!

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