Wedding Music: How to Choose?

Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in Wedding tips |

When it comes to wedding, almost everything is a priority. Yes, your guests will come to your dream day because they love you and they want to celebrate your love and happiness. But, you love them, too and you want them to be just as happy and entertained as you are. Music can heighten your romance, energize the event and make your guest want to dance. Therefore, the music choice is very important. We will share some tips on how to choose the music for your wedding, step by step.

What is the best way to find the perfect wedding DJ or band? Have you been to some wedding party lately? Did you like the music? Was the music vendor keeping people grooving almost all night long? Firsthand knowledge is very important. However, keep in mind your guests and compare them to the guests that were present on that wedding. If your guests are younger or older, come from a different country and so on, there is a great possibility that they would not enjoy the same music. Word of mouth is also great way to find many wedding vendors, including musicians. Ask your friends about their recommendations. But, choose who to ask. If you are planning a destination wedding, your choice is more difficult. Check out available musicians, read clients’ reviews and contact the band/DJ to see whether their playlist is something you would like to hear on your own wedding. If you are considering Key West wedding, check out:

Consider the size factor, because if you have invited 500 guests, a 21-piece orchestra will be great, but if you have more intimate wedding, choose some other band. Of course, even if you really do like the music, check out the price. In general, wedding DJ will cost less than a wedding band. If you have decided, make your arrangements as soon as possible. Yes, if you want to hire a very popular DJ, keep in mind that he/she can be booked up to a whole year in advance.