Wedding on Budget: Does it have be on Saturday?

Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in Wedding tips |

Wedding budget is the starting point of arguments between all participants in wedding planning. So, do it early in the organizing process, because it’s the only way not to cancel your big day or to go bankrupt at the beginning of your life as a couple. If you are planning a big day on a budget, do not despair, because even though you will have to cut some corners, you can do it.

Let’s focus on the day of the week! If you think about the day of the week almost everybody prefers, Saturday would definitely win. So, either you go hiking, watching TV with your beloved ones, sleeping and doing nothing or just partying, well Saturday it is. When it comes to weddings, Saturday is also the most popular day. However, does it have to be so? More and more couples choose Sunday or Friday, some of they choose even midweek days for their big day. So, if you are flexible about the day of the week, your wedding costs will be significantly different.

When it comes to choosing ceremony and reception sites, you will find that Saturdays are always book a lot in advance, a year or more. If you think you have found the perfect venue for your big day, but it is booked for a year and a half in advance, perhaps you should think about Sunday. Also, if your relationship anniversary is on some special date and it won’t be on Saturday for several years, you should consider getting married on Friday, or even Wednesday. Your out of town guests might have a problem about it? Well, their traveling costs will be certainly less, so they will also have some advantages.

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