Wedding Perfume for Heavenly Memories

Posted by on Dec 5, 2013 in Wedding tips |

wedding perfumeYour special day is around the corner and you are busy choosing the stuff which will just suit the elegance, the beauty and the grace of the event. But have you paid the same attention to a small yet very important detail – your perfume? Which perfume are you going to wear on your big day so that your fragrance will make the day unforgettable for you and your partner?

Fragrance and Memories

Fragrance has an inseparable bond with memories. Why do you love particular perfumes and not all? It’s because those you love have connection with some pleasant memories, while the remaining might be connected to some bad or not-so-special memories.

In such a case, if you want that you and your partner should remember your wedding day with an eternal bliss, a blissful fragrance is essential to wear.

What Do You Want, Old or New?

You might think of wearing your old favorite perfume on your special day or want to try an altogether new one and this will depend upon what sort of bride you are. If you are traditional and is not much in favor of the hype going all around with your wedding, you might choose the same old fragrance which makes you feel heavenly, calm and cool. And if you are an outgoing bride, always ready to try new things with a lot of excitement about your big day, you will choose a new one.

How Will You Choose?

Whether old or new, you should think of wearing a fragrance that will please your partner too and you two will remember it in the coming days.

You can choose the fragrance according to your wedding atmosphere. E.g. if you have chosen a tropical destination for your special day, a fruity or flowery scent will be the best, while if you have chosen a beach wedding, a marine note will be appropriate.

Another thing to consider is if the bouquet you will carry while walking down the aisle contains real, fragrant flowers, your scent may clash with that of the flowers. In that case, you better cancel wearing a perfume at the wedding and keep it for the reception.

And very importantly, don’t forget to take the advice of your hubby-to-be about the fragrance, because it should not happen that the perfume you wear may remind him of his school teacher who used to punish him.

Remember that your wedding fragrance should not only be pleasurable for you, but it should please your partner too and it should evoke heavenly memories of your wedding for the rest of your life.