Wedding Photographer – Amateur Vs Professional

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KatienBrad31_blogHiring a wedding photographer is a big task during the wedding preparation and you may be tempted to cut the cost by telling a friend or relative, owning a nice camera, to do photography for your wedding. However, consider if is it really wise to expect someone not so experienced professionally to take images which you want to cherish and boast all through the life. When you hand over the task of photographing your wedding to a friend or a relative, s/he cannot be an active participant of your wedding and is sure to miss a lot of fun, which s/he would have enjoyed, hadn’t s/he been asked to do the favor. Plus, there are lots of things integrated in wedding photography which a certified professional photographer is familiar with and an amateur is not. In such a case, think whether you will get the wedding photos you are expecting. For example, visit DC VA MD Wedding Photographer to have a look at some amazing wedding photos and think if an amateur can take such photos.


Benefits of Hiring a Certified Wedding Professional Photographer

Though seemingly expensive, hiring a certified professional wedding photographer proves to be reasonable in the long run, because you get the candid moments caught in the camera of your big day, exactly as you want them.


Arranging, Editing and Printing – When you tell your friend or relative to shoot your wedding, you may have to give a helping hand in arranging the photos, editing them and printing them, because your buddy is doing all that for you, so it is your duty to help him or her. On the other hand, when you hire a professional, s/he does all this work for you.


Experience Matters – If you would like to see the previous work of the amateur you may not be able to see a big portfolio because of his or her limited work, or even nothing. With a professional, you have a wide choice out there, when you can see extensive professional portfolios and choose the best suited for you.


Organization – A wedding is an energetic episode for not only the wedding couple but almost everyone attending it and so, catching perfect moments during a lot of activity going on at the wedding venue is not easy for an inexperienced person. On the other hand, for a professional it is a routine and s/he knows very well, where and when to catch such moments. So, s/he does the work in a more organized way, without any confusion.


Stress of Responsibility – When you handle the job of shooting your wedding on your pal, s/he may feel stressed with the responsibility. Think whether it is right! As a responsible person s/he may think all the time how to do the job perfectly for you and get tired of standing for all day long. A professional photographer can well cope up with all the physical and mental stress that comes with the job, because s/he is paid for it. And in that scenario, think about the difference between the quality of images taken by your stressed buddy and a professional photographer!

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So, before employing your friend on the job of shooting your big day, think on these issues. You can still hire such an amateur, if your wedding is a very private, short-n-sweet affair and you know that your photographer friend has a good amount of experience. But otherwise, better hire a good professional photographer rather than repenting afterwards.