Wedding Photographers – What should You Expect?

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wedding photographer - what to expectWhen we consider a wedding, we only think upon the bride’s wedding dress, jewelry, makeup, her future married life, what gifts she would be expecting, the decoration, the food, the guests and so on. But when we think of wedding photography, we hardly consider that many brides may find it uneasy just because they are standing in front of a professional photographer for the first time in their lives! And even though the bride has chosen the best ensemble for her, she may look uneasy in her wedding photos because of being camera-shy or overall nervous. So, what first thing you should look for in your wedding photographer is how much s/he makes you feel easy!

Does S/He Make You Feel Easy?

This can be found just when you interview her/him. Take some photos if you want with her/him and see how comfortable you are. Can you understand what s/he says? Are her/his instructions practical and helpful? And the most important, would you feel easy working with her/him on your big day? Asia at is a perfectly friendly person to work with. She is creative, open to suggestions and willing to guide if required. She makes camera-shy couples easy and catches just the joyful expressions and candid moments of their special day.


Timeliness is something when any profession is concerned. Does your photographer keep appointments? If the answer to this is yes, s/he would be a good choice as s/he seems to understand her/his responsibility and the value of your and her/his time as well. Actually many professional photographers, e.g. Asia at arrives much early at the venue to get the setting adjusted so that she can catch excellent photos.

wedding photographer - what to expect


Actually this is an obvious quality when you consider the quality of how easy you are with your wedding photographer, as you just can’t get along with an adamant or neglectful person. As s/he should give you useful suggestions, s/he too should listen to your suggestions and think upon them, and shouldn’t make you feel like a fool.

Couples are Not Models – It’s the Photographer who should Make them So!

All the couples need not be good-looking or have the right expressions and gestures so as to be able to look attractive in their wedding photos. It is the photographer’s job to make them look attractive, as the couples are going to see and show the pictures for years to come. See what type of suggestions your photographer makes. Do you look good in the photographs after following her/his suggestions? Also go through her/his portfolio. Has s/he made every bride and groom look, umm not beautiful, but natural and attractive?

If your photographer has all these qualities, then you should not hesitate in handling your special job to her/him! Just like Asia at, an excellent Dallas Wedding Photographer, has got all qualities of an ideal wedding photographer. You can see some lovely photos taken by her in this article and many more on her website. After all, your photographer will create a treasure of memories for you and it should literally be a treasure!

wedding photographer - what to expect