Wedding Photography Bad Tips

Posted by on Jan 11, 2013 in Wedding tips |

Family and friends are always around us, they offer their support, ideas and tips throughout our lives. The same is when it comes to your wedding day. They will be supportive, patient and willing to help. Unfortunately, even though they must wish us all the best, they sometimes give bad advice. Here are some contemporary wedding photography myths you might have already heard. Well, think about whether to listen to those tips.

  • Wedding photographer is costly, friends with cameras are enough. Well, if you listen to this advice, you will surely miss so many lovely moments of your wedding day. Even if your friend is a professional photographer, it doesn’t change the fact that she or he might be caught up in the emotions. Professional photographers know why they are at your wedding party – not to miss a single precious moment. Your friend professional photographer is there to support you and to enjoy celebration of a very important step in your life. So, if you are from Perth, for example, it’s better to look a professional wedding photographer Perth has to offer.
  • A photographer should not keep negatives. Well, do not be surprised, but all professional photographers do this. They keep negatives of your wedding photos in a fire-proof safe for couple of years and after that they sell them to you if you want to pay an additional fee. Well, they do make a living by selling reprints to their clients and their family members and friends. Keep in mind that negatives need special handling because they are fragile and prone to scratches and other irreparable damages.
  • Do not take pictures of you prior the wedding! Many couples think that the groom should not see his bride in her lovely wedding gown before her walk down the aisle. However, if you take your posed pics after the wedding ceremony, there is a great possibility that your makeup will no longer be as fresh, your eyes might be brimming and red, because of the emotional moments you will go through. Your mom and sisters will probably cry, as well, so think about whether you want to look lovely, happy and flawless? If that is not the case, well miss your reception, due to a posed picture session and you’ll get not so lovely photos of your beloved ones.