Wedding Photography Styles You should Consider

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wedding photographer gold coastYou may think that after choosing a good photographer (as recommended by one of your friends or family members) your job is over and s/he will do the rest. Well, this is correct, but you can also look into how your wedding photos will be truly amazing by knowing more about various photography styles by discussing with your wedding photographer. Here are some of the latest and most popular wedding photography styles.


First of all, you will have to decide whether you would want the digital wedding photography or a film. You can also have a mix of both these. Digital photography is the commonest; why? It saves time and you can see photographs just within a few days. Digital photography can be done even in low light – an advantage to you if you will be holding an evening or near-evening ceremony. And of course, with the display screen, your photographer can have a preview of the shots and adjust settings accordingly to capture awesome photos. Digital photography gives more freedom to the photographer to explore angles and lighting options.


Film photography has its own advantages. Photos caught by film have an organic, soft quality. Film also has a higher range, from shadows to highlights. However, film shooting brings more work. Investment of time is also more as buying rolls of film, and processing and editing photos take time. Of course, it also gives the photographer more money.

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Once you solve the film vs. digital dilemma, you can consider your photos’ look. Classic style that is seen in your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding photos has stood the test of time. The photos look gorgeous, outstanding, though a little formal. They reflect reality, but are infused with the photographer’s artistic license. Your benefit in this style of wedding photography is the photographer always finds something great to add to ordinary moments.


The name itself suggests that artistic photography has art in photos. For example, a portrait need not be of a couple or a bride or a groom in full frame gazing at the camera. Portraits can have exclusive and artistic moments only for the couple, bride or groom so as to make them very special. Your photographer is not the only person who’s going to decide how your photo will be. It’s you too who should be willing to enjoy those moments which can take the photos to the next level.

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