Wedding Photojournalism – Spontaneity at its Best

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Maryland wedding photographyWhile looking for a wedding photographer, you might be thinking of a photographer who will just capture good photos when you pose before his camera and will hand the album to you a few days after your big day. But don’t you think that the photos should be excellent because they are to be seen and shown for your entire life? Today you can have such photos in a unique style called photojournalism. Here is some information regarding why you should consider this style for your big day.

What is Photojournalism?

Rodney Bailey, one of the leading Maryland wedding photographers and an expert in the wedding photojournalistic style, defines wedding photojournalism as an ‘au naturel’ approach rather than the traditional posed photos. Here your photographer will go on capturing spontaneous and natural moments during your whole day instead of telling you or your guests to give smiles, say ‘cheese’, bend a little, come a little closer etc. The aim here is to capture your wedding like a story of a film or report of news, instead of people posing intentionally and not naturally.

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No Manipulation

The main characteristic of wedding photojournalism is that it doesn’t involve manipulation of situations to capture photos, but captures the photos in their as-it-is situation. This may bewilder you with a thought that you may look ugly in some photos. But don’t worry; wedding photojournalism doesn’t aim at capturing unpleasant moments. The photographer will only capture photos in which you look awesome, but without fake smiles and unnatural bodily gestures. You just have to be comfortable and enjoy your big day, while your photographer will capture the joy, excitement, fun and lavishness of the day that you will enjoy watching again and again in the future.

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Newlyweds as Centers of Attraction

A great feature of wedding photojournalism is that while capturing group photos which should be spontaneous, the focus is on the bride or groom or both together (if they are in the photos). The newlyweds may be at the center of the photo or elsewhere, they are positioned in such a way that eyes turn to them first.

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No Direction

In traditional photography, the photographer is the director of your wedding story. You are under a stress of whether you will look good in photos and so, you will expect your photographer to ensure that. If you are not looking so, s/he should tell you to lean your face a little forward so as to hide your double chin, smile regardless of whether you are really in a mood to smile, spread the skirt of your wedding dress or your veil in such a way that it should look beautiful and other such things. He will decide how you should look in the photo. I don’t say that this is bad. It has been happening traditionally and no one will find something wrong in it and there is really nothing wrong.

But when it comes to photojournalism, a striking difference appears. You are not ‘acting’ under the direction of your photographer, but spontaneously. You can do whatever you want. Want to cry? You can! Want to laugh out loud on your friend’s joke? You can! Want to take a big scoop of ice cream? You can! Want to sit in peace for a moment? You can! In short, you don’t have to get stressed up with a thought of looking good in photos, and enjoy your wedding in a real sense.

Watch Maryland wedding photography by Rodney Bailey and you will realize this. Some of the awesome photos have been given in this article and there are many more on their website.

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No Interference

A wedding photojournalist won’t ever interfere in anything, neither with what you are doing nor with what your guests are doing. He will stay low-key and won’t tell anyone to do anything. It’s indeed relieving to have someone around who doesn’t keep telling you or your guests what to do. Everyone can express their emotions.bride in a horse cart

What if You Want Posed Portraits?

Your wedding is a beauty competition for you in which you are always the winner! This means you are in your best dress, best hair and makeup, best accessories and everything the best. Naturally you would like to have many photos of yourself to watch them proudly for many years to come and so, you want portraits, posed portraits! Not only you, but your sweetheart too may want his portraits. And you may even want posed group photos. Don’t worry! Photojournalists capture portraits too.

The fact is that we are used to ‘say cheese’ in family gatherings and unless we have some posed photos, we can’t have a satisfaction of experiencing the event. This may happen with almost all of us. So, you just have to instruct your photographer clearly what you want exactly and he will do that.

Other thing is we all want to ensure that it’s all good and though no interference is fine, you may need some directions. In that case, you can ask your photographer to capture some posed photos with his directions and instructions. So, you are at liberty to choose how your big day should be shot.

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How to Know if a Photographer is a Photojournalist?

An easy way to ensure this is to watch his portfolio. If you see that there are not much of posed photos and more of candid photos, you can say that he is a photojournalist. For example, if you see the photos taken by Rodney Bailey, one of the most talented wedding photographers Maryland, you will easily realize the intense naturalness in the photos.

Wedding photojournalists tend to use natural light. This doesn’t mean that flashes are prohibited in this style. They certainly are important too. However, photojournalism requires the capability of adapting to changing light without depending on flash. While checking portfolios, check if there are various sources of light.

A photojournalist will capture the photos from various vantage points to make them unique. For example, you will some photos taken from ground level, while some right among the group of dancing guests, some from the balcony and some from even a window.

Another sign is simple and it’s that if people are looking directly in the lens in most photos, he is not a photojournalist.

Also, if all photos in the portfolio are looking more or less similar, chances are that the photographer is not a photojournalist.

Photojournalism is an excellent style and is very stylish, modern and unique. The photos thus created look very outstanding, especially if you are habituated to watch the traditional staged photos. So, if you want something very unique, you will want the photojournalistic style and watch all your wedding moments as they happened for years to come.

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