Wedding Rings – Metal Guide

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gold wedding ringWedding rings are probably the most important jewelry pieces you will ever buy and yes, I know, that sounds frightening! Relax; you won’t make wrong decision if you do your research carefully. You can start by browsing different wedding rings online to get the ideas of what can be found on the jewelry market these days. Afterwards, you’ll have to narrow down what style of wedding ring you are looking for. In this article, we’ll focus on wedding band metals to make this task a little bit easier for you!

white gold wedding ringGold – This metal’s popularity for wedding rings is unsurpassed. The karat represents the percentage of pure gold in the ring. So, larger the karat, the more expensive jewelry it will be. Although 9ct and 18ct rings look quite the same as new, their durability and hardness is different. This should be taken into account when choosing a gold ring. In the past, wedding rings were almost always of yellow gold and they are still the most popular and quintessential. White gold tends to be more expensive and it has been increasingly popular in last few decades. But, if you take a look at marvelous white gold wedding rings from Orla James, I’m sure you’ll find something beautiful to fit your budget. And, when it comes to white gold jewelry, it’s always wise to choose pieces that are rhodium plated, since this metal enhances their color and protects the gold from wear and tear.

Shaped Platinum Wedding Ring by Orla James

Shaped Platinum Wedding Ring by Orla James

Platinum is the most expensive and prestigious metal option for wedding rings. It is exceptionally white (without being rhodium plated) and long wearing. In addition, this metal is used in wedding rings at almost 100% purity. Being a dense metal, platinum rings feel heavier on the hand compared to other options.

Silver is not really common as a wedding band metal, because it’s soft and susceptible to scratching and similar damages. Plus, its tendency to oxidize is greater than in other metals, causing silver jewelry to turn black. Although oxidized silver can be restored quite easily, silver is not really suited for wedding rings, but for fashion jewelry that won’t be worn on a daily basis. Its striking luster and affordability still make silver an attractive metal option for couples looking for budget wedding bands.

palladium wedding ringPalladium is the member of platinum metal group, which makes it one of the rarest kinds of precious metals. Palladium wedding rings are naturally white, resilient to discoloration, durable and, very important, lightweight. Being at least 95% pure, palladium has high price and it is an extremely luxurious option for wedding rings.

Tungsten Carbide is, obviously, the compound of carbon and tungsten that is durable, hard and heavy. Tungsten carbide wedding bands are much more scratch resistant compared to rings made of other metals. They are going to retain their shiny, bright luster forever, so you don’t have to polish them from time to time. Nevertheless, tungsten carbide wedding rings cannot be cut and resized. This means your finger size should be measured accurately and never changed (which is quite impossible).

titanium ringTitanium is the strongest naturally occurring metal on our planet, which is lovely option for a wedding ring for the groom. In addition, it’s very light and hypo-allergenic. Titanium rings can be found in wide variety of colors, too. Still, similar to tungsten carbide, titanium cannot be soldered and resized, which makes the number of titanium ring styles quite limited.

Hope you find this metal guide helpful! Enjoy while planning your big day and choose the wedding rings that will suit your style, personality and budget!