Wedding Sparklers – 7 Precautions to Take

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sparklersWedding sparklers are a beautiful addition to the overall decoration of your big day. There are a variety of sparklers you can choose from like ten inch wedding sparklers, twenty inch wedding sparklers and so on. However, you have to take some precautions when you plan to have sparklers in your wedding.

1. Ensure that Your Venue Allows them

Before you and your friends get much excited with a thought of having fun with sparklers on your wedding, confirm with your wedding venue whether they allow them, because some venues tend to disallow sparklers for the reason of insurance, hazards and safety.

2. Announce About Sparklers

Maximum of your guests should be present at your sparkler send-off, for which they should know about it. So, you should make an announcement about the sparklers. Another thing to consider is timing for sparklers, especially if it’s a summer wedding, as it is very late till it gets dark. Also ensure that the time you choose isn’t the accurate time as the venue agrees upon; you will want to take your own time, and also have to look after certain things before leaving. So also, the time shouldn’t be very early so as to force you out of your own party.

Best is to provide a chalkboard sign or a customized sign and frame it, and announce all the important events, including sparklers, or a separate sign only for sparklers so that everyone will easily notice it.

3. Ensure that You have Enough Outdoor Space

You will want to conduct your sparkling send-off in an outdoor space for obvious reasons – there should not be any potential hazards involved. So, make sure that your venue or anywhere you want to conduct the send-off, has enough outdoor space. The space should have sufficient room for guests to form two lines through which you can head towards your new life together.

4. Don’t Overbuy

You need not offer one sparkler to every guest, just because not everyone will participate in the send-off for various reasons, like some will leave early, some will be busy in snapping their photos and some will just run to washroom. So, ideally buying sparklers for 75% of the attendees will be more than enough.

5. Provide Sufficient Matchboxes

Though you remember to provide sparklers, you may forget to provide matchboxes. So, remember them. Providing them in form of wedding favors is a good idea, or you can keep them beside the sparklers.

6. Test them Yourself First

Sparklers may be of different types; some take time to light while other light easily, some keep lit for long, while others burn out fast. Buy a box for yourself and try them out. Check how long they take for lighting and for how long they keep lit, and ask your wedding planner to plan your striking exit accordingly.

everyone likes wedding sparklers

7. Provide Sand Pail to Put Them Off

This should not be forgotten because it involves safety and cleanliness. After your send-off is over your guests should get something to put the sparklers off and best is a steel pail three-quarter full of sand. Sand will make sure that the sparklers are fully extinguished and cooled down before being discarded. Also place a sign on the pail so that guests will know where to put the sparklers off. Once they are cool, they can be thrown away. If they are thrown before they get cool, they can cause fire or can melt other things in the garbage like plastic bags and other such things, causing a hazard. has a range of wedding sparklers and a lot of information about them. They have other amazing products too like wood roses, sky lanterns, LED balloons and more. The fabulous photos in this article are their courtesy.