Wedding Speech – Should You Use Notes?

Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

You have got the wedding invitation and you are probably happy that your close people are having such a lovely thing to celebrate. But, you have also been invited to make some of the speeches at the wedding, perhaps the best man speech? This is an honor meaning that the wedding couple really values your part in their lives. In fact, they rely on you to make a contribution to the very important day of their lives. So, it is quite expected that you are a bit of nervous because you want to make your speech a success. Perhaps you are considering using notes for this occasion, so we will try to help you to decide whether you should use it or not.

The first of all, it depends on your self-confidence, public speaking experience and the length of the wedding speech whether to use notes or not. If you need to thank some people and you do not want anyone to be missed out, you should really at least wright their names down.

If you are an experienced public speaker, confident and witty, perhaps you do not need notes at all. However, it is always better to have one or two palm cards with only main points of your wedding speech, just in case. So, for experienced speakers it is even better not to use notes at all and to concentrate on people’s gesture, delivery and eye contact. On the contrary, if you are a nervous novice in public speaking, try not to worry. Type the whole speech out and then read it. Even if you do not have to remember anything, it is better to practice reading because it will be more confident at the wedding. If you are neither experienced speaker, nor a beginner, it is the best solution to use a few palm card that include notes of your speech. You should only have a list in point form, so that you can look down at them briefly, then look up at the wedding guests and the couple as you continue to speak.