Wedding Speeches – 5 DOs and 5 DON’Ts

Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Wedding tips |

Nobody wants to tell you that it is easy, but keep in mind that being asked to speak at the wedding is surely not the end of the world. So, do not worry! It is not impossible to deliver a good wedding speech and there are ways to succeed in this mission. It is a great honor to speak at the wedding and it is quite difficult not to be under pressure. Try to find some wedding speech examples for all and read our useful “dos and don’ts”.

5 Wedding Speeches “Dos”

1. Before start speaking, introduce yourself to the audience. Even though you are groom’s best friend, bride’s uncle might not know you.

2. Look at the general crowd, make eye contact with those you are thanking or the couple. This is the way to get people’s attention, so try to look self-confident.

3. If the parents of the couple are hosts, thanking them for organizing such a lovely party would be nice.

4. Do practice your wedding speech prior the special event. Yes, in front of the mirror and use a large serving spoon or a deodorant as a fake microphone. It will look funny, but you’ll be much more at ease if you become familiar with the material.

5. Share some nice anecdotes about bride’s and groom’s love relationship. Sentimental, funny or both, think of something that is really unique and lovely. You surely can think of at least twenty interesting stories of those love birds.

5 Wedding Speeches “Do Nots”

1. Even though you will hear some suggestions, do not drink before it’s time for you to speak.

2. Do not apologize for being lousy speaker, unprepared, nervous, tired etc. Nobody expects the professional spokesman, you can do it!

3. Funny and sentimental stories are not those too private and intimate, embarrassing stories! Do not make the wedding couple wish they have chosen some other person to speak.

4. Do not bring up old flames by mentioning ex lovers, husbands and wives.

5. Go on and on and on and… Yes, cute and lovely stories are alright, but do not talk too much. Five minutes is maximum, you are certainly not the only person to speak and wedding guests do not like to sit and listen for too long.