Wedding Speeches

Posted by on Apr 11, 2012 in Wedding tips |

The inevitable part of every wonderful marriage ceremony are wedding speeches. When the bride and the groom say their “I do” most of the people burst into the tears, guests feel so happy and touched and they just cannot help it. Wedding speeches have almost the same effect and the more beautiful, honest and unique they are, they reach out to more people. But, for people who are to take a toast, that can be quite a stressful obligation. For example, groom wedding speech to his beloved future wife has to express all the joy and happiness he feels when he thinks and dreams about her. Although grooms usually are aware of all the beauty and kindness of their brides, they have some difficulties in sharing their thoughts with the wedding reception. Clearly, it is not the same thing when you say it privately or publicly.

Close friends and family around you and everybody is happy and excited, but whenever you are to give the speech you feel tongue-tied, so it is better to prepare yourself prior the big day and not to leave it to the moment. Why? Because, there is a reason why you are the one to give a toast and you have to make it memorable. Reading and quoting some famous people and their speeches, novels and poems is alright, but adding a little bit uniqueness is necessary. Even if you make some joke about the couple or perhaps yourself is considered acceptable or even welcome, because that way you make all the guests more relaxed and natural. With all those formal attire and customs, people often feel like they are in someone’s shoes and not themselves when on any ceremony. By telling some wedding jokes, a toast-man make everyone feel more comfortable and pleasant. So, think about it, quote something beautiful and wise, but add a bit of spice whether it is some funny story related to the bride, the groom or the way they met and so on.