Wedding Table Linens and Chairs Ideas

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iDO idea

iDO idea

Your wedding reception room cannot be complete without the right table settings. Since table settings make up a notable part of the wedding decorations, you should pay attention to the right details and combination. If you want your wedding reception to be elegant, casual, luxurious, modern or dramatic, you cannot achieve that without carefully chosen tablecloths, chair covers and accessories. We’ll present you wonderful ideas for wedding table settings and chair decor, plus iDO – Décor Options app that will allow you to see several views of the decoration with the focus on the chair covers and table linens.


tableclothsMake a strong first impression on your wedding invitees as they enter the reception and your wedding will be the event to remember. Start by choosing tablecloths that will make the wedding venue conform to your vision of an ideal wedding. Pick colors to match or complement overall wedding theme or go with the neutrals if you don’t want your tablecloths to compete with centerpieces. If you want to add depth, opt for textured fabrics.


table runnerUsing table runners may add an extra pop of color to the wedding reception decoration. A runner allows you to combine your wedding theme and colors in elegant, artistic, interesting or completely unexpected ways. You don’t have to place the same runners on each table; choose different shades and colors that are similar and matching, but without being exactly the same. Place candles and/or flower centerpieces on top of runners as the final decorative touch.

Table Skirts & Lace Overlays

table skirtsPieces of fabric that don’t cover the table, but wrap around it are called table skirts and can add extra dimension to your wedding decoration. You don’t have to use it for all the tables, but for the sweet table, for example. While pastel skirts lighten the reception room, dark ones can highlight elegant place setting.

If you want to add some vintage touch to your wedding reception, place a lace overlay on the top of the tablecloths. White overlay is perfect for a modern twist, ivory and cream-colored lace overlay for antique and romantic look.

Cloth Napkins

snowflake napkin ringWhen decorating your wedding reception tables, you must not overlook cloth napkins and/or decorative napkin rings. While napkin rings can emphasize your wedding theme (for example, a seashell napkin ring for a beach-themed reception, or a ring featuring snowflakes for a winter-themed wedding), cloth napkins pull the overall look and design together.

Chair Covers

chairs cover weddingWhether it is an elegant or casual wedding reception, a creative mix and max play on chair covers, sashes and ribbons can make such a stylish statement your guests would rave about. Although one of the most overlooked details, chair decoration can transform completely unattractive chair into an astonishing part of your wedding vision. Satin sashes are the way to go if you would like your wedding reception to look glamorous and beautiful. For a full on vintage look, opt for lace sashes and ribbons.

iDécor Options- iDO

iDoWith this lovely and useful app, you’ll be allowed to see several different views of the decor concentrating on the chair covers and table linens. You can change background, cloth napkins color, table linen color, chair cover color and material, as well as sash color and material. If you turn off the background, the chosen chair and table covers will appear to be in the space you’re standing in. You’ll be able to take a picture and share it. Not only is this app useful for the future brides, but it can also be a helpful tool for event planners and designers.