Wedding with Flowery Themes

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flowery themed weddingIf you are planning for a themed wedding, why not plan for themes of flowers? After all, flowers are the most awesome components of a wedding. Just a few flowers make the occasion cheerful and without them there seems to be something important lacking. Their colors and fragrance fill the air just needed for a pious moment like wedding. Today you can avail the facility of ordering flowers online and fresh flowers delivered right at your doorstep, so that you can start with the decorations according to your dreams. Here are some flowery themes to trigger your imagination.

Pink Flowers

Though pink is considered a girly color, anyone will agree that it is the color of blush and so is a color of life! If you are like me, you like this color a lot and then you will have to convince your would-be partner in whatever way for a pink flower theme. Pink decorations are getting immensely popular nowadays at weddings and even other events. Pink is not only a romantic color, but what is amazing about it is the superb blend it makes with other colors. It matches nicely with red, silver, blue, black or any color of your choice. You can get so many pink flowers like roses, carnation, gerbera and so on. So, if this is your favorite color you should involve it in your lifetime event!

wedding theme - pink

Orchid Theme

Orchid is today’s star flower. This seemingly delicate flower endures even for a week to give you a long-lasting pleasure and a nice feel. You can involve this beautiful flower in your wedding in so many ways, like garlands for the bride and groom if it is a Hindu wedding, bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets, and of course decoration of pergola, walls, doors, dining tables, wedding car and so on. With their rainbow-range of colors, orchids always create a cheerful collage at a wedding.

orchid theme

Red Flowers

Red is considered to be a pious color in many Hindu weddings and you can involve so many red flowers in your wedding. You can get roses, hibiscus, zinnia, poppies, ponies and many more in garlands, rangolis (flower decoration on floors), centerpieces, car decoration and so on.

red flower theme

Marigold Theme

Marigold too is considered to be extremely pious flower in Hindu religion and ceremonies like festivals and weddings essentially have marigolds involved. This flower has a distinct fragrance which is not like a perfume but it certainly adds a touch of purity to the event. Its fullness, range of colors and ability to look ever-fresh makes it an inevitable component of wedding. You can get a marigold theme for your wedding and add uniqueness to your big day.

wedding theme marigold

White Flower Theme

White is considered to be pious in Christian weddings where bridal gown too is white or in shades of white. Why not choose fragrant white flowers for your wedding theme? There are so many white flowers out there – there is lily, there are orchids and there are white roses too! And if you look at it keenly, usually white flowers are utmost fragrant! Moreover white goes well with all colors. You can choose a mix of beautiful white flowers and flowers of other matching shades and involve them in your big day to create a pure atmosphere, just suited to the pious moment.

wedding theme white flowers

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