Weddings Recorded – Right Professionals to Capture Your Big Day on Camera

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Weddings RecordedYou are finding it difficult to manage all the tasks as your big day is arriving as you are doing all of them for the first time. It’s natural to get daunted. What if someone lends a helping hand, someone who is a professional and who will be capturing your event in the camera simultaneously?

Yes, that’s possible. A leading video and photo service serving the state of California,, offers an expert wedding planner in their photography and videography packages; so, together with an excellent coverage of your wedding, you are offered total freedom from your wedding planning as their coordinator takes all the responsibility! They offer destination weddings too.

Let’s see how you can get their service.

Well, the process is not very complicated. Once you contact them, they offer you a dedicated coordinator. At the same time, they find the right creative fit and take up all the scheduling of your event right from your first meeting with them till they deliver you the work. This is quite relieving, especially if you are daunted with the wedding tasks.

Another thing to note is that you can choose the photographers and cinematographers and they will arrive well-prepared at your venue on your big day.

For the best editing of your event, they get the editing work done by movie-industry editors who assemble and enhance your photos in Los Angeles.

Finally comes the delivery for which you won’t have to wait for more than two weeks. The delivery is done digitally as well as to your door!

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Benefits of Hiring All the Professionals at the Same Place

Typically, if you hire your photographer and videographer at two different places, they are sure to come in the way of each other. Each of them might complain about the other that they took all the couple’s time, they ruined some excellent shots, the photographer kept using flash which ruined the videographer’s work, the videographer kept interrupting the photographer’s posing and so on. Here none of them understands that your satisfaction should be of prior importance. Some or the other way, their pride clashes and they find it difficult to share the limited time effectively.

But when you assign the work to someone like Weddings Recorded, where you can get photographer and cinematographer/videographer and also a wedding planner, this possibility is eliminated.

  • A photographer wants the best possible images and a cinematographer wants the best possible cinema of your wedding. When both are from the same company, they try to create the best possible product by cooperating with each other. Naturally they can easily share time and space.
  • Since a single company is working for you, you can hold them responsible for the final products. So, there is no likeliness that your separate creative professionals blame each other for ruined or missed shots, disturbances and other such problems.
  • Professionals from the same company are experienced of working with each other and hence can adjust timing and understand each other’s needs. For example, if your photo team wants a few wide-angle shots of your first dance prior to moving on to medium crops and close-ups, your cinema team will stay off the dance floor for the first few seconds and allow your photo team to get what they require before moving in to get closer to you for cinematic action shots. Similarly, your photo team will know when your cinema team needs drone shots during the couple session and will find a dark shaded area (or a covered area) so as to stay out of the video.
  • Also a consistent style and quality is guaranteed with a combined photography and cinematography package. Thus, if you dislike a particular pose, both the teams will share that knowledge and vision.
  • By hiring the same company for wedding planner, photographer and videographer, you not only get a good discount, you also reduce paperwork and meetings.

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Special Features

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, you also get many other benefits from Weddings Recorded. For example, they offer multiple add-ons, such as an additional camera (with operator), a wedding film of 20 to 30 minutes, custom DVD(s), photo scrapbook and more.

As mentioned earlier, they get you covered for destination weddings too.

They also offer specialty sessions, like Engagement Sessions, Bridal Portraits, Trash The Dress, as well as After Party Photos and Video.

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Founders of Weddings Recorded

The founders of Weddings Recorded are Alex and Ken who founded the company in 2017. Both these talented professionals are passionate about capturing those special moments which shape the love of two people into a celebration named wedding. They have almost 14 years of experience in professional production. Alex has worked with some celebrated names like Disney, Vogue, Sony and many more whereas Ken has created more than 250 million cumulative views in video content and is creating still more.

The secret of the success of Alex and Ken is that they strive to give a service that their clients can rely upon and they provide cinematic quality not only to wedding videos but photos too. What’s more, the professionals they work with are extremely talented too and thus it’s guaranteed that your big day will be captured just the way you want. You can see a few samples of their work in this article and many more on their website.

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Free Drone Photography

How would you like to get your wedding captured from the skies? We are sure that you’d love the aerial views of your big day. The good news for you is that Weddings Recorded offers you the wonderful drone photography absolutely free with all their packages! But you’ll have to hurry because the offer is open only till this November.

All in all, Weddings Recorded might be the right company to capture your big day on camera. So, are you feeling relieved now?